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2mm silver foam

Product Type Styrofoam floor mats
Thickness 2 mm
Width 105 mm
Length 150m
Specification 150m/roll
Standard CL
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2mm silver foam is a popular material in construction projects, installing wooden floors, plastic floors, etc. Below is a detailed description of the product and uses of foam floor panels.


The product has many superior features, the surface is coated with a durable silver foam layer with the following detailed parameters:

  • Product type: Floor foam
  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Width: 105mm
  • Length: 150m
  • Specification: 150m/roll
  • Standard: CL.

Uses of silver foam panels for flooring

We can use the product to lay floors before installing materials such as: laminate flooring, plastic flooring, etc. Helps the flooring materials to be installed beautifully flat and firmly.

During use, be sure to spread the silver foam properly, apply the floor properly, and ensure the foam is spread flat and without folds. From there, we can improve the quality of the project and bring good experiences to users.

Advantages of 2mm silver foam board

  • 2mm silver foam board is widely used in flooring. Below are some of the main applications and uses of this product:
  • Heat and sound insulation: 2mm silver foam board has good heat and sound insulation. When flooring with this product, it helps reduce noise from outside and creates a quiet and comfortable living environment.
  • Floor Protection: At 2mm thick, the silver foam board protects floors from scratches, bumps and wear and tear from daily use. This helps increase the lifespan of the floor and keeps it looking new and durable.
  • Creates a comfortable feeling: Silver foam panels have elastic properties, helping to withstand the weight of objects and people walking without deformation. This makes the floor soft and comfortable to use.

General, 2mm silver foam roll is an effective flooring material, has many outstanding advantages. This is considered a quality accessory, indispensable in the process of installing wooden floors, plastic floors, etc. to create high-class projects.

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