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Kosmos distributor of interior and exterior decoration materials
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About Kosmos

The leading distributor of interior and exterior materials in Vietnam
Launched in 2012, Viet Nam Kosmos Joint Stock Company is proud to become a pioneer in the field of supplying and distributing interior and exterior decoration materials. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Kosmos Vietnam has become a familiar name with high prestige whenever customers look for new decorative items.
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Viet Nam Kosmos Joint Stock Company not only affirms its position in the Vietnamese market, but also aims to a near future for the Kosmos brand to reach out to the international market.

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Viet Nam Kosmos is constantly looking for new materials for customers to have many choices.

Aesthetics come with quality, Kosmos always gives users safe and durable products.

Products of plastic wall panels

Core values

Prestige and Professional

Heart and Stature

Diversity and Innovation

Kosmos Vietnam Joint Stock Company always puts prestige first and shows professionalism in every detail. We always believe: "the mind is attached to the vision", just doing with all your heart will bring the name Kosmos Vietnam to the peak of glory.

With all the enthusiasm, the company is constantly innovating and growing. The products in the warehouse are getting more diversified and varied thanks to the ongoing efforts.

The development history of Viet Nam Kosmos

The leading distributor of interior and exterior materials in Vietnam
Opening of Kosmos office building
An important milestone in the development path of Kosmos Vietnam, the Kosmos office building opened, opening its doors to customers from near and far to come see and receive advice on products.
Launching bamboo charcoal panels
Welcoming new decoration trends, Kosmos launches a collection of bamboo charcoal panels with diverse designs to the market, as interior wall/ceiling decoration materials to replace wood, stone, fabric, metal, mirrors and more. again.
Launched Korean PS fluted panel and molding
Following the success of 2020, Kosmos introduces new interior decoration materials, fluted panel PS and Korean molding, promising to bring a durable material at a competitive cost.
Launched PVC wall panels and stone PVC panels
Launched PVC wall panels and stone PVC panels
With the ambition to dominate the interior market, Kosmos officially launched a product line of plastic wall panels, providing a durable and cheap decorative material, contributing to the diversity of wall and ceiling materials.
Welcome the arrival of plastic wood
Welcome the arrival of plastic wood
Realizing the excitement of the overheating market, Kosmos has launched outdoor plastic wood products, meeting all the fastidious requirements of customers for a type of outdoor imitation wood decoration material that can withstand the sun and rain, insect,...
Expanding the market to Cambodia
Expanding the market to Cambodia
By 2019, Kosmos had expanded its market to Cambodia, bringing it one step closer to achieving its international goal. This will help Kosmos Vietnam Joint Stock Company advance throughout Southeast Asia and neighboring regions.
Welcome Robina parquet
Welcome Robina parquet
Kosmos Vietnam has achieved great success when becoming the sole distributor for Robina laminate flooring - Malaysia's leading termite resistant laminate flooring. The floor conquers customers by its solid wood core with a termite warranty of up to 1 years.
Import of wood flooring Vario
Kosmos Vietnam Joint Stock Company continues to hold its prestige as the sole distributor of wooden flooring for the Vario brand - a Malaysian imported wood flooring brand manufactured under German technology lines.
The appearance of the super product Egger
The appearance of the super product Egger
Marking a major turning point for Kosmos Vietnam Joint Stock Company when it was trusted by Egger Group, Europe's leading wooden floor manufacturing group. Kosmos becomes a strategic partner for Egger Group in the Vietnamese market, exclusively distributing Egger German wooden floors.
Import of Alsafloor and Balterio
Import of Alsafloor and Balterio
Following the success, Kosmos has grown stronger by becoming the exclusive distributor for laminate flooring AlsaFloor (France) and Balterio (Belgium).
Launched Thaixin wooden floor
Launched Thaixin wooden floor
Kosmos Vietnam cooperates with the famous industrial wood factory in Thailand, Vanachai, to launch Thaixin green wood flooring that can withstand 200 hours of flooding.
Launch of Kosmos laminate flooring and Morser laminate flooring
Launch of Kosmos laminate flooring and Morser laminate flooring
Since its establishment, Kosmos has oriented to become the number 1 wood flooring distributor in Vietnam. Because of that, the Board of Directors decided to launch two pioneering product lines, Kosmos laminate flooring and Morser laminate flooring.
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Development strategy

The Board of Directors of Viet Nam Kosmos Joint Stock Company determines the long-term strategy to orient the business activities.
business. This will be a guideline for Kosmos to continue to maintain the number 1 position in the Vietnamese market and move forward
As the well-known distributor of decorative materials throughout the Southeast Asian market. Kosmos Vietnam defines development strategy
with 3 main pillars to be implemented.
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Pioneers taking the lead

The Kosmos Vietnam Joint Stock Company continuously investigates, generates, and updates a large number of innovative products with broad use.

The product development department continually updates the newest models for the market to provide clients with the greatest possible experience.

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Strengthening the leading position in the industry

Vietnam continues to be Kosmos's largest market. Here the company has numerous advantages when exploring its full potential. Kosmos has established a vast dealer distribution network that stretches from North to South. Additionally, the business contributes to significant domestic projects, which helps it gain market share and solidify its position as the industry leader in the distribution and supply of decorative materials.

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Reaching out to the great sea

Kosmos Vietnam intends to broaden and extend the market to include more nations in the region. Kosmos's initial stop will be Cambodia, and its next objective will be to strengthen ties and increase influence in the area. Kosmos Vietnam Joint Stock Company will grow the important US market in the future and provide Kosmos goods to customers all over the world.

Achievements acquired

After more than a decade of establishment and growth, Kosmos has emerged as one of the industry's top distributors of interior and exterior decoration materials. Kosmos also actively supports the growth of the nation as a whole as well as the building materials sector in particular. With those exceptional accomplishments, the Company was privileged to win prestigious titles and honors.
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Distributors plastic wood, stone grain pvc sheet, fluted panel, Korean molding, laminate flooring and plastic flooring No. 1 in Vietnam


Record wooden flooring brand achieved for 1.000 hours waterproof



Sustainable Development
year 2018


TOP 100 Vietnam high quality goods



the best valuable Vietnam

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Kosmos's projects

Kosmos Vietnam is wood flooring distributor
number 1 nowadays.

The company distributes a large number of high quality wooden floors for apartments, high-rise buildings with large scale projects such as: Saigon Mia, Moonlight Boulevard, Saigon Riverside Complex, Richmond City, Fhome, Imperial Sky Garden, Opal Riverside , The Conic, Rose Garden Residences, Lux Garden, Oceanami.

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Distribution system

Kosmos has a wide distribution system stretching from North to South with more than 500 Dealers nationwide.

In particular, Kosmos owns 2 large warehouses (total area reaches 10.000 square meters2) and diversifying decorative goods. This makes a huge difference to Kosmos' distribution system, helping to maximize shipping costs and optimize profits, increasing competitiveness in the market.