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Fluted panel material
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Natural wood has long been considered a luxurious and classy wall cladding material, but the cost is high, the product is not water-resistant and susceptible to termites. Understanding the disadvantages of natural wood materials, after many years of research and development, fluted panel - imitation wood plastic panel was born and overcome all the challenging limits of a ceiling/wall decoration material. like:

- 100% waterproof
- The product is not termite
– The corrugated board is stretchy and easy to install
- Does not contain harmful chemicals for users' health
- Scratch resistance
- Friendly products with the environment


  • PVC 3-wave laminate
  • PVC 4-wave laminate
  • Lam 3 waves SPC
  • Lam 4 waves SPC
  • PVC Accessories
  • SPC accessories
3 low-wave PVC laminate with wood-grain yellow
3-wave low-wave laminate, straight-grained cream white PVC
3 low waves scratched yellow PVC laminate
Laminated 3 low waves red-brown PVC
3-wave low brown PVC laminate
3 low wave PVC laminate with dark brown wood grain
Laminated 3 low waves scratched brown PVC
Laminated 3 low wave orange yellow PVC
Laminated 3 low waves white PVC with paper texture

Kosmos fluted panel installation instructions

The article on construction of standard PVC wall panels will help readers to install the panels themselves at home.

Warranty policy for fluted panel Kosmos

    Out of warranty coverage:

    • 01 Quality problems due to wrong shipping and construction.
    • 02 Due to the impact of natural disasters and other force majeure circumstances.
    • 03 Damage caused by user error, improper maintenance, maintenance.
    • 04 Outside of the above warranty period.

    The product is warranted under the following conditions:

    • 01 Corrosion by termites; warping; rift; deformation when properly installed.
    • 02 Technical defect due to manufacturing process.
    • 03 Warranty period 10 years.
warranty policy of pvc sheet

Quality certification



Kosmos wave slides (sheet 1) are certified for quality at technical center for quality measurement 3 (QUATEST 3). Certified flooring has useful features such as: anti-fouling, fire resistance, good moisture resistance, high durability, safe for health.


Kosmos wave slides (sheet 2) are certified for quality at technical center for quality measurement 3 (QUATEST 3). Certified flooring has useful features such as: anti-fouling, fire resistance, good moisture resistance, high durability, safe for health.

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    Customer feedbacks

    Review fluted panel Kosmos In Vietnam
    “The product is very reasonably priced and the quality is excellent.”
    Ms. Tuyet
    "I choose Kosmos wood imitation plastic panels because of its superior aesthetics and Kosmos is also a long-standing brand in the distribution of wall and floor materials"
    Mr. Quang
    Freelance business
    ''Having a headache because I don't know what materials to choose for wall cladding for my Spa. Then I accidentally saw the pictures of the interior on the Kosmos catalog, too fascinated about the luxury from wood, the price is too reasonable.
    Ms. Thuy
    Spa Owner
    ''Whoever enters the house also compliments the wall of the living room. I'm really satisfied''
    Construction engineers
    ''There are young children in the house, so I am very careful in choosing wall materials. With Kosmos wood imitation plastic panels, I am 100% assured because this is a registered brand with full product certification.
    Ms. Dung
    Freelance business
    “Thanks to the Kosmos fluted panel, my walls are as beautiful as using real wood without fear of termites or dampness.”
    Ms. Yen
    Office staff

    Decorative materials for PVC panels bring an inspiring space

    PVC sheet decoration material  include nano cladding, fluted panel, imitation wood plastic bar , and ceiling slats. This material meets well from quality to aesthetics but the price is extremely reasonable.

    Kosmos p pvc decorative materials

    PVC decorative materials

    Decorative materials for PVC panels – unleash interior design

    Decorative materials made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) are products specifically used to decorate interior spaces. The beauty of this material comes from the decorative pattern covering the plastic core. The product offers many choices for customers in interior design with product lines from PVC such as:

    • Nano Panels,
    • Fluted panel,
    • Imitation wood plastic bar,
    • Ceiling bar.

    Nano panels – flat pvc panels

    Nano cladding is a flat, sheet pvc decorative material. The product is suitable for many interior design styles. They have many patterns from smooth grain to imitation wood grain, imitation stone grain, …

    Nano panels are flat pvc panels

    Nano panels are flat pvc panels

    To follow the current unique decoration trend, the manufacturer has launched a prominent line of fluted PVC panels.

    Comparison table of 2 types of Kosmos pvc panels
    Nano panel Fluted panel
    Structure Made up of 5 layers:

    • Surface protection layer.
    • Decorative class.
    • Pur glue layer of Kleiberit Germany.
    • Sole layer.
    Architect Flat shape Ripple:

    • 3 waves, 4 waves,…
    • High waves, low waves…
    Thickness 9 mm
    • 9 mm
    • 15 mm
    • 25 mm
    • 30 mm

    In general, nano panel and fluted pvc panel have the same structure. The basic properties of the nano-panel are inherited by the fluted panel, so what's so special about the fluted panel?

    Lam wave - pvc decorative material that recreates the beauty of Europe

    We can see the beauty of stripes from ancient Greek architecture. Until now, that beauty is still utilized in modern projects. It can be said that, in addition to wood grain and stone grain, stripes are the third most immortal beauty. Plastic wood paneling fluted pvc panel sparks new interior design trends.

    The corrugated board is a corrugated pvc sheet

    The corrugated board is a corrugated pvc sheet

    Instead of covering the entire building surface, you can take advantage of the cladding panels fluted plastic wood panel Make a highlight in a small area. Unique designs from PVC fluted panel include:

    • Cover the center position, leaving the sides empty.
    • Cover the position on both sides, leaving space in the middle.
    • The cover is deviated to the left, or right side.
    • Cases that incorporate other materials such as nano panels, stone grain pvc,…

    In addition, the hollow hole of the pvc fluted panel is also used as an ideal place for electrical wiring. There is no problem in cleaning because the surface of the plastic panel is difficult to collect dust, very easy to clean.

    Kosmos pvc corrugated board is widely used in interior design

    PVC corrugated board is widely used in interior design

    Laminate bar - Impressive wood imitation pvc bar

    Another material that can replace the impressive beauty of the fluted panel is the blue bar. Not only can the wall / ceiling tiles be used, but the bar is also used as a boundary to divide the space. This product is a stick PVC decorative material.

    The pvc bar is used as a space partition

    The pvc bar is used as a space partition

    Kosmos pvc plastic bars have the same layer structure as Kosmos pvc plastic panels. The decorative grain on the bar is mostly imitation wood. Because the bar has a hollow cylindrical shape, you can insert the iron bar to strengthen the product's durability. Users often look for plastic wood wall panels and Kosmos wood-imitation plastic slats to replace natural wood pillars.

    Ceiling slats – pvc bar hanging from the ceiling

    Ceiling slats are pvc rods specialized for ceiling cladding, giving the space a modern and high-class beauty. The product brings ventilation to the ceiling because it is installed evenly, leaving space between the slats. It is not too difficult for us to install the ceiling slats. You can easily hang the bar from the ceiling by attaching the bar's clasp to the skeleton.

    High-grade imitation wood plastic ceilings often use ceiling slats

    High-grade imitation wood plastic ceilings often use ceiling slats

    PVC decorative materials beautify the space quickly

    Walls degraded due to mold, peeling, etc. will be difficult to renovate in a short time. The paint method only helps to cover up the defects of the work but does not solve it completely. Kosmos PVC decorative materials can solve all your problems without hidden risks.

    In addition to direct installation, PVC wall panels can also be installed on a frame. Plastic cladding covers all defects at a glance without being affected by the building surface. Construction of pvc wall panels uses stainless steel screws and screws, so long-term durability is guaranteed.

    Construction works of pvc panels are always durable over the years.

    Construction works of pvc panels are always durable over the years.

    The surface of Kosmos PVC panels has a scratch-resistant protective layer that helps maintain its beauty over the years. The plastic sheet is not easy to peel off because the Pur glue layer of Kleiberit Germany is extremely sticky. Plastic components make the panel 100% waterproof, resistant to all kinds of insects.

    Health and safety pvc decorative materials

    Quality PVC decorative materials use primary plastic, so they do not contain impurities and do not emit harmful gases. This material does not cause respiratory diseases or skin inflammation like other plastic materials of unknown origin on the market.

    Kosmos wall panels use virgin plastic

    Plastic wall panels use virgin plastic

    There are 2 ways to identify virgin pvc decorative materials: look at the color of the plastic core and shine the light through the product. Impurities in the plastic will block the light and make the pvc plastic cloudy. When checking, you only need to note the following 2 characteristics:

    • The virgin pvc decorative material will be penetrated by the led light.
    • Primary pvc core is milky white and bright white.

    Fireproof pvc interior decoration materials

    Flammability on pvc sheet is tested by test method ISO-11925 2: 2010. This method tests the reaction of plastic sheets when exposed to fire for about 30 seconds on the surface. The panel does not appear to be ignited, but only blackened. The product helps to limit losses in the event of a fire.

    Kosmos ceiling wall paneling against fire spread

    Flame-retardant plastic wall panels for ceiling tiles

    Kosmos interior decoration materials are always ready to serve

    Kosmos Vietnam has 4 warehouses for PVC decorative materials with a total area of ​​up to 7.000 square meters. The company has a strong staff from marketing to customer care and has its own transportation team for you. Kosmos Vietnam is the ideal companion on every project!

    Top quality Kosmos pvc decorative materials

    Top quality Kosmos pvc decorative materials

    After all, PVC decorative materials are inspirational interior decoration materials. Looking for wood plastic wall panels, PVC panels and PVC bars, you will freely decorate your space without spending much money.