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What is bamboo charcoal making?

Bamboo charcoal corrugated panels are a line of interior wall and ceiling panels whose main ingredients are bamboo charcoal powder. This is one of the types of bamboo charcoal panels that makes a strong impression with its unique ripple effect, increasing aesthetics and creating effective space effects. Possessing a popular thickness of 8mm, bamboo charcoal fluted panel brings a luxurious and modern space through designs such as fabric grain, yellow wood grain, Walnut wood grain, monochrome grain,...

Architect John Locke: “Bamboo charcoal fluted panel is a great choice for those who want to create a modern space. They can be used for wall cladding, ceiling cladding or even furniture to replace traditional materials.”

At the same time, the bamboo charcoal layer has a high compression strength of 0.65kg/m3 or more and a coating thickness of 0.4 - 0.45mm also gives this material superior properties over many other decorative materials, which is the ability to bend and round corners up to 90 degrees. Product life span is up to 15 - 20 years, users can use it with peace of mind without worrying about termites, mold, etc.



Anti-scratch wood grain corrugated laminate
Monochrome waves
Monochrome waves
Wavy fabric fabric
Wavy fabric fabric
Wood grain waves
Wavy fabric fabric
Wavy fabric fabric

Instructions for construction of bamboo charcoal panels

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