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8mm bamboo charcoal panel

What is 8mm bamboo charcoal panel?

8mm bamboo charcoal panel is an interior wall/ceiling decoration material with a thickness of 8mm, this is the most popular thickness of this material. The product is made from bamboo charcoal powder so it has good deodorizing ability. With a 5-layer structure, the product does not easily lose its aesthetics due to water, impact, and abrasion. Best of all, it can imitate wood, stone, metal, mirror and more depending on the design.

“Bamboo is one of the fastest growing woody plants on Earth,” said Dr. Michael Pilato, a forestry expert at the University of Florida. Because of its rapid growth cycle, it is a renewable resource that can be harvested without harming the environment.” Therefore, using bamboo charcoal panels to replace traditional materials such as wood, stone, etc. helps save resources and money.

In particular, the product can cover curved corners/right corners by milling grooves behind the panel surface. Thanks to the high compression core layer (minimum 0.65kg) and thick decorative film layer (0.14-0.16mm), the groove milling process does not affect product durability and longevity. We can use 8mm bamboo charcoal panels for 15 to 20 years.

8mm bamboo charcoal panel product

  • All
  • Pandora
  • veinstone
  • Fabric texture
  • wood grain
  • Monochrome
  • Metal
  • Mirror finish
  • Water wave
  • Concrete
  • Paper texture
Marble PET stone veins
Purple-green marble PET stone veins
Silver-plated PET marble veins
Amber black marble PET stone vein
White embossed paper texture
White PET stone vein
Black PET stone vein
Gray stone veins
Black stone veins

Instructions for construction of bamboo charcoal panels

There is an increasing trend in the construction of bamboo charcoal panels because of the convenience and outstanding aesthetics they bring.

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