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Content management process at Kosmos Vietnam

At the website of Kosmos Vietnam Joint Stock Company, we always try to convey a lot of correct and quality content to visiting users. As a place to convey official information about the total warehouse of decorative materials, the content on the website will help readers better understand the products through sentences and in-depth interpretation of information in addition to videos posted on websites. relevant society.

In addition to product information, we also share new material information and stories about the industry, with the goal of becoming a useful source of knowledge for contractors and people in the field. home decoration.

The production and content management team on the website includes skilled editors, recording standard information from factories and professional workers in neat text and easy-to-understand sentences. To do that, we constantly seek information and certify with specialized departments. Before posting, articles must go through a multi-step moderation process, ensuring the information is standard and meets the needs of viewers.

Currently, artificial intelligence (AI) is a tool specializing in synthesizing endless knowledge treasures on the internet. We acknowledge, but do not rely on, all information provided by AI that the editors seek to verify before use.

Working image of the Marketing Team
Working image of the Marketing Team

Content management team

Since its establishment in 2012, Mr. Tran Quang Hoi, director of Kosmos Vietnam Joint Stock Company, has intended to convey information to his customers through the website instead of open social networking sites. This helps avoid falsification and confusion of information.

In order for the content to be optimized, a standard submission process from production to moderation and transmission is strictly implemented. The editorial team works directly with the purchasing department (the department that works directly with the factory), the sales department (the department that works directly with the builders), the customer care department (the department department in close contact with customers) to create the most trustworthy and useful content.


Kim Hoa Kosmos

(MC – Website content team leader)

As a content leader, I think it is extremely important for people to easily access information. I love working with a team that firmly believes in creating clear, understandable, and accurate information.

kosmos acid

All Kosmos

(Technical department – ​​Professional consultant)

We not only focus on describing new decorative materials, but also provide detailed information and clear instructions for use and installation so that customers have the best experience.


Kosmos Honeysuckle

(MC – Website content editor)

We are people who inspire through every word and every story. Sharing knowledge and experience is our mission.


Huynh Huynh Kosmos

(MC – Website content editor)

The ability to combine the art of writing and in-depth knowledge of the field, we ensure that all information on the website is always reliable and interesting to readers.


Mr. Poetry Kosmos

(MC – Website content editor)

Our passion lies in turning complex ideas into comprehensible, engaging and entertaining content.


Kim Chi Kosmos

(Head of customer care department - Website content moderator on policies and agent information)

I protect the company's reputation through taking care of and reviewing all content from policies to agent information, ensuring transparency and trust for customers.


Coast Kosmos

(Head of purchasing department - Person providing product information from the factory)

We are not only the buyer of the product, but also the person responsible for providing accurate and complete information about the product from the source, helping to ensure transparency and reliability for customers.


Kosmos Gian

(Sales staff - Website content moderator about materials)

With extensive experience and knowledge of construction and decoration materials, we ensure all information on the website accurately reflects their characteristics, features and advantages, helping customers make informed decisions. bright.

Content editing process

1. Research

Find ways to solve readers' problems. Consult information from many sources and experts from many fields.

2. Make a reasonable outline

The layout is arranged logically from main ideas to supporting ideas so that readers can easily find and understand the information clearly.

3. Write content

Use language appropriate to the target audience (retail customers, wholesale customers) that is friendly and easy to understand.

4. Content moderation

Content is sourced from reputable sources and reviewed by experts and content department heads.

5. Upload

The poster will present eye-catching and attractive content, highlighting the main content with vivid effects.

Photos of the Kosmos website content management team in action

Kosmos achieved silver button from Youtube
Kosmos achieved silver button from Youtube
MC Kim Hoa and MC Kim Ngan
MC Kim Hoa and MC Kim Ngan
MCs of Kosmos Vietnam
MCs of Kosmos Vietnam
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