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Stone-grained PVC panels are a type of plastic panel made from PVC and stone powder specifically used for wall cladding, ceiling cladding, and TV wall cladding.. The product has many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Diverse in designs and colors
  • 100% termite-proof, water-proof
  • The product has the price of natural stone but the cost is 4 times cheaper than stone
  • Easy installation,…

According to Peter Jones, CEO of the American Society of Interior Design (ASID): “Stone-grained PVC panels are a flexible and easy-to-install material. It can be cut, bent and shaped to fit a variety of designs. A survey by the American Association of Architects (AIA) shows that 90% of architects are satisfied with the construction ability of stone-grained PVC panels.. "

Therefore, many customers have chosen stone-grained PVC panels to decorate their home space while ensuring good aesthetics and cost-effectiveness.

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    Stone grain PVC panels: Structure, classification, price quote, advantages, applications, beautiful models

    Stone grain PVC sheet (imitation stone plastic panels, imitation stone PVC panels) is a plastic panel with an imitation stone surface used specifically for wall and ceiling cladding. The product has main ingredients from PVC plastic powder and stone powder, is composed of 4 main layers:

    • Surface protection layer
    • Decorative PVC layer
    • Hot Melt Pur Glue Layer
    • Plasker PVC layer

    Based on panel thickness, we have 3 main types of stone-grained PVC: 2.6mm, 2.8mm and 3mm. Material price will depend on thickness, supplier,... ranges from 400.000 to 550.000 VND/sheet.

    Currently, this line of panels is making waves in the materials market because of many advantages such as:

    • Various models
    • Anti-termite, absolutely waterproof
    • Effective heat dissipation and fire protection
    • Safety for the user
    • Easy installation,…

    In addition to its outstanding advantages, this product also has a few limitations that users need to pay attention to: the durability and hardness of stone-grained PVC are not as high as natural stone, and can be dented or deformed when subjected to force or strong impacts and may fade when exposed to UV rays.

    Stone-textured PVC panels are commonly used for wall cladding today
    Stone-textured PVC panels are commonly used for wall cladding today

    This material is often used for wall cladding, ceiling cladding, wall cladding, creating a highlight for interior space with a variety of eye-catching designs and many colorful patterns for users to choose from.

    According to Verified Market Reports, the PVC wall panel market size is valued at 3,4 billion USD by 2023, expected to reach 5,2 billion USD by the end of 2030, a CAGR of 5% during the period. forecast period from 2024 - 2030.

    These data show that stone-grained PVC panels are increasingly trusted and popular by customers.

    Chart of PVC wall panel market size from 2021 - 2031 according to Verified Market Reports
    Chart of PVC wall panel market size from 2021 - 2031 according to Verified Market Reports

    What is the structure of imitation stone plastic panels?

    PVC imitation stone sheet has ingredients including plastic powder, stone powder, other safe coloring and adhesives. Stone and plastic are super-finely ground into powder form, combined with modern machinery, advanced technology and closed production lines, creating sophisticated 4 layers of imitation marble plastic sheets.

    • Surface protection layer: Stone-grained PVC panels are coated with 2 to 6 layers of UV protection using Shower Coating technology. The coating helps prevent scratches when strong external forces collide with the panel. Besides, this coating also enhances gloss and prevents color fading. In addition, the panel surface is less dusty so users can easily clean it.
    • Decorative PVC layer: Applying exclusive Korean printing technology. Imitation stone plastic panels with sophisticated patterns, bringing product authenticity up to 98%.
    • Hot Melt Pur Glue Layer: Glue connects the layers into a unified whole. The glue has super high adhesion, during use there will be no surface peeling like current conventional wallpapers. The special thing about this glue is that it is completely 1% waterproof.
    • PVC Plasker layer: This type of PVC plastic is 100% virgin plastic, so it is safe for health and environmentally friendly. The plastic base layer is also mixed with a little stone powder to help increase the lifespan of the PVC imitation stone plastic panels.

    How many types of stone-grained PVC panels are there?

    On the market today there are many different types of stone-textured PVC panels. We can classify them based on panel thickness. Based on thickness, we have 3 lines of imitation stone PVC panels: 2.6mm, 2.8mm and 3mm.

    • 2.6mm: This is the thinnest thickness of faux stone plastic panels, often suitable for areas that are not subject to strong impacts.
    • 2.8mm: This is the most popular thickness of stone-grained PVC panels, used in many different decorative items.
    • 3mm: Being a large thickness of imitation stone PVC panels, this type has good bearing capacity and can be used in many areas that require high durability.

    How much is PVC stone panel for 1m?2?

    After consulting and researching the market in April 4, Kosmos has compiled a price list for everyone to refer to:

    Product Specification Unit price
    2.6mm stone grain PVC panel 1220 × 2.6x2440mm 400.000 VND/piece
    2.8mm stone grain PVC panel 1220 × 2.8x2440mm 450.000 VND/piece
    3mm stone grain PVC panel 1220x3x2840mm 550.000 VND/piece
    Stone-textured PVC cladding panels upon request (usually 3.2mm thickness) As required 800.000 VND/m2

    To complete the construction of imitation stone PVC panels, the following 6 types of splints are needed to connect the panels together and the length of the splints is 2,5m.

    Product Picture Price
    T-shaped aluminum splint 55.000 VND/bar
    H-shaped aluminum splint 55.000 VND/bar
    V-shaped aluminum bar 55.000 VND/bar
    Aluminum splint ends 55.000 VND/bar
    Aluminum outer corner brace 55.000 VND/bar
    Aluminum bar for inner corner brace 55.000 VND/bar

    What are the advantages of imitation stone PVC panels?

    Stone-textured PVC panels are increasingly popular in many decorative categories because they possess outstanding advantages such as: high aesthetics, termite resistance, absolute water resistance, effective heat dissipation, fire resistance, and safety for people. Easy to use, install, etc.

    MC Kim Hoa Taken with a fake stone plastic sheet
    MC Kim Hoa Taken with a fake stone plastic sheet

    Various models

    Currently on the market, PVC imitation stone panels have more than 500+ models. In particular, there are many rare stone patterns suitable for a variety of decoration styles for restaurants, karaoke bars, hotels, etc. Not only is there a variety of beautiful designs, the strength of PVC stone pattern is also its uniformity.

    Because it is produced on an industrial scale with modern machinery and production lines, the stone pattern on the panels is always uniform in color, and when installed in large spaces, it is still extremely beautiful.

    Natural stone when installed on a large area will NOT have uniform veins and colors.

    PVC imitation stone panels have uniform grain patterns and colors
    PVC imitation stone panels have uniform grain patterns and colors

    Anti-termite, absolutely waterproof

    Imitation stone plastic panels are produced with many layers pressed tightly together and the main component is plastic so it is absolutely waterproof. At the same time, plastic is not a food source for termites, users do not have to worry about stone-grained PVC panels being termites.

    Stone-textured PVC panels are effective against water
    Stone-textured PVC panels are effective against water

    Effective heat dissipation and fire protection

    Manufactured using modern technology, this material has the ability to effectively dissipate heat and prevent the spread of fire, which has been recognized by Quatest 3 center. When a fire occurs, the fire is contained right at the point of contact. with cladding should minimize much damage.

    PVC imitation stone panels are fire resistant and prevent fire spread
    PVC imitation stone panels are fire resistant and prevent fire spread

    Safety for the user

    To ensure safety when buying this product, users need to look for brands that use 100% virgin PVC ingredients that do not irritate the skin, do not affect the respiratory system, do not emit toxic gases, etc. Ensuring safety for users including the elderly and children.

    You can use the phone flash to shine on the back of the stone-grained PVC panel. If the product is virgin PVC, a light streak will appear in front.

    Virgin PVC plastic will see the flash of the phone
    Virgin PVC plastic will see the flash of the phone

    Easy installation

    Stone grain PVC panel is a material that can be used for curved corners because it has a thin thickness of about 2.6 - 3mm. Along with the main component from PVC, the panel weight is much lighter than real stone. The surface of the project only needs to be flat and free of mold so we can cover the faux stone plastic panels directly with glue. For water-logged locations, we need to install a skeleton before installing stone-grained PVC panels.

    Installing stone-grain PVC panels at curved corners is easy
    Installing stone-grain PVC panels at curved corners is easy

    Proper construction will contribute to ensuring the aesthetics and quality of the project. Discover the steps to properly construct imitation stone plastic panels. HERE!

    >>> Video instructions for constructing PVC stone wall panels.

    What are the disadvantages of imitation stone PVC panels?

    PVC imitation stone panels have a few limitations: their durability and hardness are not as high as natural stone, they can be dented or deformed when subjected to strong force or impact, and they can fade when exposed to UV rays. It is necessary to limit the use of panels in places exposed to direct sunlight.

    What are the common applications of stone-grained PVC panels?

    The application of stone-grained PVC panels is to replace real stone panels to decorate residential buildings (living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc.), restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, and shopping centers. ,... with the main items being wall cladding, ceiling cladding, partition making, furniture decoration,...

    Which model of imitation stone plastic panels is most popular today?

    Stone grain PVC panels mark the return of shiny colors, especially cloudy white tones. Bright colors are very popular and not outdated, the space will have a unique and unique look thanks to the stone veins on the plastic panels.

    In addition, neutral colors are also creating a new trend, they create warmth and elegance for the project. Below are beautiful imitation stone PVC panels that you can refer to.

    Beautiful stone-grained PVC patterns
    Beautiful stone-grained PVC patterns

    >>> Learn more about stone-grained PVC panels.

    Related question

    Where to provide quality imitation stone PVC panels?

    Viet Nam Kosmos Joint Stock Company Proud to be a supplier and distributor of quality, reputable stone-grained PVC panels with outstanding advantages such as:

    • Goods are always available in stock in large quantities, meeting the needs of projects. Currently, Kosmos has a warehouse area of ​​up to 10.000 square meters2 Super large reserves meet the demand for goods for agents across the country.
    • The warehouse has many models of imitation stone plastic panels available in a variety of colors and sizes.
    • The warehouse has a competitive price policy with a transparent warranty, ensuring users can use it with peace of mind.

    With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Kosmos warehouse constantly strives to provide agents with quality products and attractive policies. Along with a team of professional consulting and sales staff, ready to support and provide customers with the nearest Dealer information.

    Kosmos will be a reliable partner for projects that decorate and renovate living spaces. Please contact us immediately via number 0981535059 for detailed advice.

    Kosmos warehouse space is large and diverse with quality panel lines
    Kosmos warehouse space is large and diverse with quality panel lines

    Are PVC stone panels warranted?

    PVC imitation stone panels are warranted according to the regulations of each manufacturer and different supplier. Kosmos stone-textured PVC panels are committed by the company to a long-term quality warranty of up to 10 years.

    If the wall is moldy, should I use imitation stone plastic panels?

    We can use stone-grained PVC panels to improve moldy wall conditions. To achieve the best results, before constructing wall panels, we need to install a skeleton system to the wall. Then proceed to install the panel to the wall, through the skeleton system and you're done.

    >>> Great way to renovate moldy walls with stone-grained PVC panels.

    If I remove the stone-patterned PVC panel, will there be any damage to the wall?

    YES, because the glue is strong, the paint/wall will peel off. Please re-treat the wall after removing it.

    Can imitation stone plastic panels be bent?

    The product can be bent relatively.

    Can unpainted walls be covered with stone-grained PVC panels?

    OK, just install the frame on the wall to ensure the flatness of the wall.

    Stone-grained PVC panels are a breakthrough decorative material, bringing delicate and luxurious beauty to any space. Not only about aesthetics, this material also conquers users with many superior characteristics. Choose stone-grained PVC to enhance your living space and save costs effectively.