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Shipping policy

Use the main carrier Kosmos company provided, you will be notified of the delivery progress of the order. In order to best serve customers, Kosmos unified a common working process. The process is open and transparent so that customers can get the most accurate information. The delivery and shipping policy of Kosmos Vietnam Joint Stock Company is as follows:

Support transportation and delivery within Ho Chi Minh City.

You will get Support transportation and delivery within Ho Chi Minh City when satisfying the conditions under the shipping policy of Kosmos Vietnam.

For laminate flooring

Trending Conditions apply
Galamax For orders 80m2
Kosmos For orders 80m2
Kosmos Herringbone For orders 50m2
Povar For orders 50m2
Thaixin For orders 50m2
Robina For orders 50m2
Egger For orders 50m2

For imitation wood plastic floor

Trending Conditions apply
Kosmos SPC For orders 50m2

For interior decorative wall plastic panels

Trending Conditions apply
Fluted panel Kosmos For orders 12 million VND
Korean fluted panel For orders 12 million VND
Kosmos . stone grain PVC panels For orders 12 million VND
Kosmos Moulding For orders 12 million VND

For Kosmos . Plastic Wood products

All products Kosmos . plastic wood All support delivery within Ho Chi Minh City for orders ≥ 12 million VND.

Shipping costs incurred

Shipping costs will be incurred when:

  • Your order is not eligible for free local delivery according to Kosmos Vietnam's own shipping as above.
  • Orders are not eligible under the policy of supporting inner city shipping and delivery outside of Ho Chi Minh City.

The costs incurred will be calculated according to factors such as:

  • Transport distance.
  • The number of products.
  • Means of transport: trucks, three-wheelers, …


  • For orders that are eligible for free delivery within the city but the delivery address is outside of Ho Chi Minh City, the cost of traveling on the distance within the Ho Chi Minh City area will be supported by Kosmos Vietnam. From the distance from the city boundary onwards will be charged your fee.
  • For orders eligible for free delivery within the city but you have a means of transportation, receive goods at the warehouse, the supported shipping costs will be deducted from your goods.

Note: In case the order has been delivered to the agreed location but the customer needs to cancel the order, the fault is not due to Kosmos, the customer must bear the shipping fee according to the company's regulations.

Delivery options

Delivery in the city. Ho Chi Minh City Delivery outside the city. Ho Chi Minh City
Instant delivery at the time the order is confirmed. If there is a difference, it only takes about 4 - 8 hours for Kosmos to prepare goods for customers The order processing department will notify you specifically. Average turnaround time is from 1 to 7 working days.

Note: In case of force majeure such as damaged vehicles, weather conditions, natural disasters, peak times such as holidays, .. The time may be notified by the order processing department to you.

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