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outdoor plastic wood multi-purpose bar application

11 ways to use multi-purpose wooden plastic bars outdoors

11 ways to use multi-purpose outdoor plastic wood bars include: Wall cladding. Gate cover. Make a flower trellis on the wall. Make fence. Make outdoor furniture. Make signs. Make flower beds. Make a plant pot base. Make a storage box. Make roof fringe. Trash can cover. Because I can stand it... read more
03 - 01 - 2024
Errors when constructing outdoor plastic wood

6 common mistakes when constructing plastic wood floors that need to be avoided

In order for plastic wood flooring construction to have a long and durable life, we should avoid 6 basic mistakes as follows: [toc] Plastic wood flooring is an attractive construction item in outdoor areas such as balconies. , garden, swimming pool,... places exposed to direct rain and sun... read more
03 - 01 - 2024

Is outdoor composite wood plastic ceiling good? Beautiful samples and quotes

Outdoor composite wood plastic ceilings are sturdy, weather-resistant, water-resistant, heat-resistant, limit the spread of fire and are termite-free despite having the same appearance as natural wood. This item helps your home get closer to nature, blowing a new breeze into... read more
26 - 12 - 2023
Kosmos Tấm plate

What is a Kosmos plate? Classification and Application

Kosmos panels are wall/ceiling decoration materials supplied to the market by Kosmos Vietnam warehouse. This material line is divided into many types with different structures and applications. The article will analyze specifically below! What is Kosmos panels? How many types are there? ... read more
30 - 10 - 2023