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The Korean moulding thread is a new-generation model, manufactured on modern technology lines. Products are used as accents for walls as well as transition materials between walls and ceilings, etc. Product textures are extremely diverse from modern plain white to warm wood grain, or golden bronze textures bringing classic style, elegant and noble.

Especially, the product is very popular in bedroom decoration.

Kosmos Moulding
Kosmos Moulding


  • Wood grain molding
  • White thread
  • Patterned cornices
  • Gold thread
Just bare
Back only
Just bare
Just bare
Just bare
Just bare
Just the base of the wall
Just off center
Just concentric

Korean molding construction guide

The trend of Korean molding (moulding ps) is increasing because they are convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

Quality certification



Kosmos Molding (sheet 1) is certified for quality at technical center for quality measurement 3 (QUATEST 3). Certified flooring has useful features such as: anti-fouling, fire resistance, good moisture resistance, high durability, safe for health.


Kosmos Molding (sheet 2) is certified for quality at the technical center for quality measurement 3 (QUATEST 3). Certified flooring has useful features such as: anti-fouling, fire resistance, good moisture resistance, high durability, safe for health.

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    Customer feedbacks

    "Korean thread used as a decorative picture frame for the wall is both beautiful and economical"
    Ms. Huong
    "As a lover of classics, I choose molding Ps to make the house space more luxurious and classy"
    Ms. Duong
    Hair salon owner
    "The product is prefabricated, bought and installed very quickly, saving me a lot of money for ceiling decoration"
    Sister Nhi
    "The Kosmos brand's thread is manufactured by Korean technology and virgin plastic, so it is absolutely safe for users, so I am very secure"
    Sister Lan
    Spa staff
    "The color of the product is very diverse, suitable for many decoration styles from modern to classic. As a person who loves closeness, I chose wood grain molding, this product is imitation wood so don't worry. the problem of natural wood but absorbent, termites"
    Mrs Tham
    "Pho just makes the space of my house more luxurious, I am 100% satisfied with the product"
    Mr. Khoa
    Sales man

    Korean thread - Multi-style interior decoration materials

    Korean thread molding is multi-style interior molding. The product has a beautiful design, acting as a highlight on the wall of the house. Let's learn about this kind of plastic molding with Kosmos!

    Korean thread is a popular interior decoration material today
    Korean thread is a popular interior decoration material today

    What is Korean noodle soup?

    Korean thread molding is a molding made of PS (Poly Styrene) with an attractive design. The structure of this material includes: plastic base layer, decorative film layer, protective film layer and Pur glue layer of Kleiberit Germany. The base layer of this formwork looks thick, but it is actually very light in weight, making it easy to transport and install. In addition, the base layer is also equipped with an activated carbon component to disinfect and filter air.

    The decorative film layer of the product has sharp lines and delicate color schemes, they are guaranteed color fastness by the protective film on the surface. Not only that, this type of molding is designed in many sizes for good application in many positions such as: ceiling corner, floor corner, back wall, etc.

    The pontoon is only made of ps plastic with high aesthetics.
    The pontoon is only made of ps plastic with high aesthetics.

    Characteristics of PS . plastic molding

    The characteristics of ps plastic are water resistance, light weight, high strength and no termites. Therefore, PS plastic molding is appreciated by users as easy to install and maintain.

    Waterproof PS plastic thread

    The Korean thread is made of ps plastic, so it is completely waterproof. The product is not discolored or deformed by water. However, they are installed with specialized adhesives, so extra care should be taken when encountering moisture. To ensure safety, you should perform additional nailing operations during product installation.

    Water-resistant plastic thread, easy to clean.
    Water-resistant plastic thread, easy to clean.

    Light weight PS thread

    PS – Poly Styrene is an extremely light weight thermoplastic (density 1.05 – 1.06 g/cm3). Therefore, PS molding has the lightest weight of all plastic mouldings. Since then, construction workers can easily and quickly install the formwork, saving transportation and construction costs.

    Korean thread has high durability

    The PS plastic thread does not warp - shrink when changing heat. At the same time, the product is not easily cracked - dented during transportation and construction. In addition, they also withstand the impact force during life. You can comfortably use this decorative material without worrying too much about product durability.

    PS Moulding does not get termites

    Termites only affect the type of molding made from wood. Therefore, wood-loving households can look to this type of imitation wood-plastic molding instead. The Korean thread has a very authentic wood grain design, which is easy to imitate without being damaged by termites.

    Plywood plinth with imitation of wood without worrying about termites
    Plywood plinth with imitation of wood without worrying about termites

    Korean noodles are cheap

    Compared with wooden moldings, Korean imitation wood molding is quite cheap. Moreover, they do not cost much maintenance - maintenance. The beauty of the molding can last up to 20-30 years, so it does not need to be replaced often. For the product to regain its original beauty, you just need to wipe it with a damp cloth.

    Outstanding advantages of PS

    2 The outstanding advantage of PS molding compared to other products on the market is its aesthetics and sterilization function.

    Exquisitely designed Korean PS thread

    It is not natural that PS molding is called Korean molding, this decorative material is produced by welding technology. The color scheme and pattern design of the molding looks extremely sophisticated and modern. Some models are also equipped with delicate attachments. This product will be the perfect accent on your wall/ceiling.

    The PS Kosmos thread has sophisticated textures.
    The PS Kosmos thread has sophisticated textures.

    Korean noodle soup has the ability to disinfect

    The outstanding advantage that only Korean molding possesses is the sterilization feature. This feature comes from the activated carbon component inside the plastic core. The product is not only not susceptible to mold, but also contributes to the purification of indoor air. To make the interior space more fresh, you can combine this product with fluted panel Korea.

    Which interior decoration styles are suitable for Korean thread?

    The 4 prominent interior decoration styles today are: classic, modern, aristocratic and luxurious all easily met by Korean molding.

    Classic style

    Classic style slate with imitation wood grain pattern. Our grandparents used to love using wood to decorate their homes. Natural wood grain is elegant without being boring. Wood creates a noble and dignified space, so it is often found in ancestral houses, places of ancestor worship. The beauty of Korean molding is that it can copy the beauty of wood without worrying about termites and mold.

    Wood grain molding set.
    Wood grain molding set.

    Modern style

    Home decoration of today's younger generation is simple. The modern style pole has a plain white design. Simple, white slats are popular in interior spaces such as apartments, small apartments, etc. The formwork does not distract the eyes in narrow spaces but is extremely easy to install. The product is white but not easy to get dirty, the product is less dusty and easy to clean.

    White molding set
    White molding set

    Royal style

    Interior decoration items of French royalty and aristocrats are items with elaborate carved motifs. The royal style has its own cinematic beauty. To bring that beauty back to life easily, white Korean molding with gold and copper motifs was born. The product is designed with embossed lines, sparkling metallic looks extremely meticulous and poetic.

    golden pattern molding set
    golden pattern molding set

    Gentle style

    To decorate a luxurious space, molding ps is covered with a layer of copper gold paint that looks like pure gold plating. The yellow color standing out on the white background creates an irresistible, enchanting attraction. Gold has long been considered a symbol of wealth. The gilded cornice elevates the space to a new level, expressing power for the apartment owner.

    Gold-plated molding set
    Gold-plated molding set

    Kosmos is the No. 1 Korean molding distributor today

    The current number 1 Korean molding distributor is Kosmos. The company has a spacious warehouse system with a stable source of goods. The quality of Kosmos' products is always checked and the return policy is clear, ensuring the product has the most competitive price in the market and many attractive incentives for agents. Most importantly, Kosmos molding is committed to 100% production of virgin plastic.

    Kosmos has appeared on the market since 2012 as a distributor of laminate flooring. Now, the scale of the company is expanding and providing more and more different products. The PS only recently launched by Kosmos has created a revenue breakthrough. Products that are easy to install with high aesthetics have won the hearts of many Vietnamese households.

    Only combined with fluted panel Kosmos captivates many Vietnamese households
    Only combined with fluted panel Kosmos captivates many Vietnamese households

    In general, Korean molding is an easy-to-install interior decoration material. The model of the mold is designed in 4 styles: classic, modern, luxurious and royal. If you are in need of an agent, please call the hotline (+84) 903.093.221 or Kosmos Vietnam Fanpage to exchange details.