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Basement wool for wooden floors, plastic floors, panels

When constructing floors such as wooden floors, plastic floors, or panels, the base of the wall (also known as the skirting board) is an indispensable and very important step. The skirting board is a decorative accessory mounted along the border of the floor and the base of the wall, intended to cover gaps and uneven cuts between the floor slab and the wall. This is an important part of the floor construction process, helping to bring finishing touches and accents to the interior space.

The skirting board is not only decorative, but also has the role of protecting the edges of the floor and creating a barrier, preventing water or dirt from entering the gap between the floor and the wall. Professional and careful installation of skirting boards helps to increase the aesthetics and durability of the building, creating a perfect and professional interior space.


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Instructions for construction of plastic baseboards

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Customer feedbacks

Evaluation of Kosmos skirting boards in Vietnam
Hoai Nam
Lam Nhi
My shop has become much more organized thanks to the installation of skirting boards. Plastic hopper is very easy to install and the design is also very delicate
Hoai Nam
Print shop owner
The beauty of rustic wood grain with delicate colors is extremely harmonious with the space of our flower shop. We chose the gray and white wood grain color to make the space more vintage than ever.
Flower shop owner
Now, I see a fairly common use of plinth imitation wood. I also bought and used it for a few years now, but I have not seen the color fade. Those who love the beauty of wood but are afraid of termites can refer to this line.
Lam Nhi
Event staff

Skirting wool - effective decorative and protective accessory for skirting boards

There are many types on the market today skirting wool with beautiful and elegant color designs. Because there are so many choices that Customers don't know, they should use skirting wool Which will be suitable for the house? With more than 10 years of experience in the interior decoration materials industry, Kosmos will provide some information for readers to refer to and choose the most suitable wool for their home.

What is skirting board?

Basement wool is also known by other names such as skirting boards. This product is used for 2 main purposes.

  • The first is to cover the gap between the floor and the wall, especially the floors installed by natural wood floors, plastic floors or laminate floors.
  • The second is to increase the aesthetics of the house. Wool has the effect of reducing monotony, roughness and creating more accents for interior spaces.

What types of skirting are there?

To meet the needs of users, manufacturers have launched many different types of wool. In which, the 3 most commonly used types are natural wood wool, industrial wood wool and imitation wood plastic wool.

Natural wood wool

Natural wood wool skirting board is sawn from solid wood. Then coated with a layer of PU paint on the surface to create gloss and reduce scratches. This is a wool with high aesthetics, luxury. However, it has the disadvantages of high cost, easy to be damaged by termites and must be checked and maintained regularly.

Natural wood skirting board
Natural wood skirting board

Industrial wood wool

Industrial wood wool skirting will be produced from industrial pressed wood. The surface layer is covered with a layer of wood grain laminate to help the wool have a beautiful grain, ensuring aesthetics. This type of wool is more economical than natural wood. However, in terms of luxury and beauty, it cannot be made of natural wood.

Wooden floor combined with skirting board

Basement plastic wool

Basement wool with plastic material, although born after the above two types of wool, is gradually becoming the first choice. Plastic wool is produced from the main component is plastic. The most common are pu, ps and PVC. Plastic material helps the product have advantages such as:

- Absolutely waterproof, not moldy, yellow.

Less affected by temperature changes, no warping, shrinking or cracking during use.

- Light-weight, easy to construct.

– Diverse designs: plastic wool, wood grain plastic wool, copper gold patterned wool… Easily meet many different design styles.

Plastic footboard

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Prices for all types of plastic wall skirting are the hottest today

Product the size Reference price
Skirting wool EG90 90 15 x x 2500mm 44.000 VND/meter long
Skirting wool EG97 97 15 x x 2500mm 51.000 VND/meter long
Basement wool LP 79 14 x x 2500mm 40.000 VND/meter long
LT skirting board 76 14 x x 2500mm 38.000 VND/meter long
Note: Prices updated in November 11 are for reference only, each dealer may offer different prices.
Footwear LEG CCT98T
Footwear LEG CCT98T
Basement wool LP1
Basement wool LP1
Basement wool LT12
Basement wool LT12

Factors affecting the price of skirting wool

To form the price of skirting wool depends on many factors, so Customers need to find out carefully before deciding to buy any type of wool.


As analyzed above, each type of skirting wool is different in terms of material that also affects the price. For example, natural wood wool – with different wood materials also affects the price of the product. With plastic wool, PS plastic material will be different from PVC and PU plastic.

Model number, quantity

Depending on the quantity and model of the product that affects the price. For skirts with complex shapes, the cost will be higher than for simple wools