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Plastic braces are one of the popular decorative accessories today with good quality and diverse designs. This product currently has unique wood grain, stone grain patterns, etc., easily compatible with floor patterns, walls or other decorative materials.

Some popular types of plastic braces today include:

  • T-shaped brace: Connects floors and panels to create connection and protect decorative materials.
  • F-shaped brace: Installed at the end of the floor and covers gaps in the floor.
  • V-shaped brace: Covers wall corners and column corners to protect edges and enhance the aesthetic value of living space.

Plastic braces are considered the perfect choice for all interior spaces. Installing plastic braces is quite easy, does not require high technology, helping to save time and costs during construction.


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Customer feedbacks

Evaluation of plastic braces In Vietnam
Truong Minh
The brace provided by Kosmos Vietnam has a similar design, so there is no need to choose a suitable brace.
Milk tea shop owner
The studio has to renew the space constantly to create beautiful photo frames for guests. Kosmos splints have many designs for me to freely create space.
Photography studio owner
Kosmos plastic brace is not only beautiful but also very easy to install, this is the product I always choose for my customers.
Truong Minh
Home decor specialist

What is Kosmos plastic brace? Features and Applications

Kosmos plastic splint is pvc brace decorated with imitation wood grain. Kosmos has 5 types of braces with different applications: V brace, T brace, L brace, F brace.

What is Kosmos plastic brace? structure and features

Kosmos plastic brace is a necessary accessory on the construction of plastic wall panels and wood / plastic flooring. There are many types of braces on the market with different shapes, applications and materials. Kosmos Vietnam supplies and distributes to the market beautiful imitation wood PVC braces.


V-brackets used in the installation of plastic wall panels

Kosmos Plastic Splint Structure

The structure of Kosmos plastic brace includes 4 layers: surface protection layer, wood imitation layer, German Kleiberit glue layer and PVC base layer.

  • The Surface Protector is a transparent coating that prevents UV rays from fading the decorative pattern. At the same time, this coating also prevents friction from damaging the texture of the brace.
  • The wood grain of the brace is a layer of decorative color film printed with high-end technology. They have true wood grain with meticulously cared for textures.
  • German Kleiberit glue is a Pur glue with extremely strong adhesion. The glue helps the layers on the plastic splint not to peel off for a long time of use.
  • The splint base is virgin pvc plastic. They are bright white, non-toxic and extremely durable. The decision to use virgin plastic has given Kosmos a high reputation for product quality.

Features of Kosmos . plastic brace

The characteristic of Kosmos plastic brace is that it is not toxic because it uses virgin pvc material. On the other hand, the aesthetics of this type of accessory is quite appreciated because of the attractive, authentic wood grain. They can be accents on the wall/floor, enhancing the aesthetics of the apartment.

Plastic braces make the interior space more luxurious and sophisticated
Plastic braces make the interior space more luxurious and sophisticated

Besides, the plastic splint is composed of many different layers. Each layer equipped on the bar contributes to preserving aesthetics such as: no peeling, difficult to fade, anti-scratch, etc. In particular, pvc is a highly durable plastic so it can withstand external forces.

Types of Kosmos plastic splints and applications

Kosmos has 4 types plastic brace includes: V brace, T brace, L brace, F brace. Each of the above plastic splints has different shapes and applications. Kosmos will analyze each of these fake wood braces right here!

Kosmos . V-shaped plastic brace

V Kosmos splint is a PVC imitation wood brace used for installation at right angles. Normally, V-Brackets are used to secure 90 degree wall/column corners. At these positions, it is easy to be affected by external forces accidentally. Therefore, the Kosmos V-bracket is an accessory that protects the square corners from chipping.

Using V439 splint to install fluted ceiling panel
Using V439 splint to install fluted ceiling panel

T-shaped plastic splint

T Kosmos splint is an accessory used to connect 2 materials on the same plane. Normally, the T-Bracket is installed on the floor, at the door position. Here, the Kosmos T-bar will link with another type of floorboard or carpet. In addition, this accessory is also used as a highlight on plastic sheeting works.

T-brackets for interior use
T-brackets for interior use

PVC L-Bracket

High quality PVC L-shaped brace now comes from brand name Kosmos. This type of brace is an accessory used to cover the edge of a panel, floorboard, etc., where there is a 90-degree right angle. Above all, all Kosmos braces are manufactured on virgin pvc, which is safe for users' health.

Kosmos plastic splint F

The F-shaped Kosmos splint is an accessory that is installed at the end of the floor surface with plastic boards, wooden boards. We can use F-brackets to replace skirting wool. And what's more, the F-bracket allows us to instantly finish the floor at mid-floor positions.

F439 . splint accessories
F439 . splint accessories

Where to provide quality wooden imitation plastic braces

Where to supply quality wooden imitation plastic brace is Kosmos . total warehouse of decorative materials. The company provides all kinds of wood imitation interior decoration materials such as plastic panels, plastic flooring and laminate flooring. Therefore, Kosmos provides more types of wood imitation pvc braces for customers to easily combine.

Kosmos fake wood brace is manufactured using virgin pvc material. In addition, the brace is also designed with the same wood grain design with the cladding panel for a high degree of synchronization. Products are fully protected from all risks such as scratches, fading, peeling, ... by modern production technology.

You can visit Fanpage so that Kosmos staff can advise on the most reasonable samples of decorative materials combined with splints. In case, you need to be a distributor of fake wood pvc braces, please call Hotline: (+84) 903.093.221 or contact email address: [email protected] to exchange!


Kosmos plastic brace is an accessory that comes with the construction of plastic panels and floor boards. The splint has a trendy imitation of wood with virgin pvc material. They can meet the quality and aesthetics of the project well. Kosmos Vietnam provides 4 common types of braces for customers: V brace, T brace, F brace and L brace.