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5mm bamboo charcoal panel

What is 5mm bamboo charcoal panel?

5mm bamboo charcoal panel is a wall/ceiling material made of bamboo charcoal powder. The product is 5mm thick, composed of many layers, providing a perfect appearance with many impressive features such as: anti-termite, anti-water, anti-scratch, anti-flammable,... Especially the deodorizing ability of the core layer. Bamboo Charcoal.

Scientific organizations such as the International Federation of Forestry Research Organizations (IUFRO) recognize bamboo as a renewable and fast-growing resource. Therefore, charcoal cladding is completely environmentally friendly, helping to reduce the exploitation of other rare resources such as wood and stone.

The compression of the core layer is from 0.65kg or more, ensuring rigidity when used. Besides, the thickness of the decorative film layer is in the range of 0.14-0.16mm, allowing us to screen the panels to cover curved corners without damaging the product. The lifespan of 5mm bamboo charcoal panels is about 15 to 20 years.


  • All
  • wood grain
  • Paper texture
  • Fabric texture
  • veinstone
  • Concrete
Concrete texture panels
White PET stone vein
3D ribbed walnut wood grain
Metallic cream gold fabric texture
Anti-scratch oak wood grain
Paper white grain

Instructions for construction of bamboo charcoal panels

There is an increasing trend in the construction of bamboo charcoal panels because of the convenience and outstanding aesthetics they bring.

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