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Newsletter of bamboo charcoal panels

Gold plated Pandora panel.

Gold-plated bamboo charcoal panels: Structure, advantages and applications 

Gold-plated bamboo charcoal panels (gold-plated Pandora panels, gold-plated Pandora bamboo charcoal panels) are bamboo charcoal panels produced in sets of many panels, seamless, with a gold-plated surface. Their beauty changes with perspective and light, bringing depth to the space... read more
21 - 02 - 2024

Download the map of beautiful, high-quality bamboo charcoal panels

Bamboo charcoal panel map is a file containing images of high quality bamboo charcoal panel designs. Because of the high resolution, the capacity of these images is quite large, you can zoom in without worrying about breaking. They reproduce realistic colors and grain patterns, corresponding... read more
15 - 11 - 2023

Instructions on 6 steps to properly install bamboo charcoal panels for walls and ceilings

The process of constructing bamboo charcoal panels begins with preparing installation tools, measuring and treating the wall surface, etc. The following article will help you clearly understand the 6 steps of constructing charcoal fiber multi-purpose panels. Technically correct bamboo. Step 1: Prepare... read more
26 - 10 - 2023
Metal film multi-purpose cladding

Metal film multi-purpose cladding panels: price list, structure, classification

Creating beautiful and sustainable buildings is indispensable with the presence of multi-purpose metal film cladding panels. Join Kosmos to learn more about this material through the following article! Introduction to metal film multi-purpose cladding panels Multi-purpose cladding panels... read more
23 - 10 - 2023