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Silicone glue
30 - 10 - 2023

What is silicone glue? Why is silicone glue used a lot?

Plastic decorative wall brackets
17 - 06 - 2023

The 5 most popular types of wall decorative plastic splints

Using plastic braces to decorate the wall is a new and unique idea in the field of furniture. The following shares will give you a better overview of the most popular types of plastic braces today. Structure of plastic brace Decorative brace with... read more
Model of plastic wall skirting
13 - 06 - 2023

100+ Most popular plastic skirting patterns

Basement wool (baseboard) is a decorative accessory that is installed at the junction between the wall and the floor. Let's explore the most popular plastic skirting patterns through the following article! Why use plastic skirting wool? Wool patterns... read more