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Return policy of KOSMOS Vietnam

For your convenience as well as to ensure the quality of products provided, Kosmos Vietnam would like to announce the return policy as follows:

In case of accepting exchange and return of goods

  • You can exchange within 10 days from the date of shipment. Exchanged goods must be in their original condition (box or bar). Since the case arises from the customer, the shipping costs when exchanging will be responsible for you.
  • In case of exchange of goods due to defective goods from the manufacturer or due to the shipping process of Kosmos Vietnam, the shipping cost when exchanging will be paid by Kosmos.

Special: Orders of wood system (wooden flooring) have a return period of up to 30 days!

In case of not accepting exchange and return of goods

  • Exchanges are not accepted when the product is not intact (box or bar).
  • The product is intact but cannot be exchanged due to the expiration of the return period.
  • The company refuses to exchange in case the product is defective not due to the manufacturer.
  • If the product is defective during storage, transportation, etc. not by kosmos, the company will not be responsible for the return.

The process of returning goods of Kosmos Vietnam company

Step 1: Contact us as soon as possible (within 10 days) through the following forms:

  • Contact sales staff to receive advice from customers.
  • Call the company hotline:  (+84) 903.039.221.
  • Send information via company email: [email protected]
  • Leave your information in the contact section on the website

Step 2: The company will receive information and conduct inspection and evaluation of the order

  • Check product status.
  • Check relevant documents.

Step 3: If all are valid, Kosmos will announce the result.

Step 4: Exchange and return products to customers.

Step 5: Update and store information.

All information about return policy of Kosmos Vietnam Joint Stock Company has been fully and transparently presented. Hope our Dealer customers have the best buying experience at the warehouse.

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