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Experience in choosing to buy durable, beautiful, good-priced faux wood plastic flooring

The experience of buying imitation wood plastic flooring from experts will be fully revealed by Kosmos below, helping you to own quality products at reasonable prices. 7 factors to consider when buying faux wood plastic flooring 7 factors to consider when... read more
21 - 12 - 2023

Price list for 6 newest types of beautiful, easy-to-use vinyl floors

The price of vinyl flooring is something that many people are interested in because this is an easy-to-install flooring material. Not only are they highly aesthetic, easy to maintain, and easy to clean, but they also have an extremely reasonable cost. There are up to 6 types of vinyl flooring for you to choose from... read more
19 - 12 - 2023

Are plastic floors with rubber soles good? Beautiful patterns

Rubber-soled plastic flooring is a locking plastic floor with a built-in IXPE or EVA foam layer on the base. The presence of a built-in foam layer helps us eliminate the need to spread foam panels during installation. They shorten construction time while still ensuring the smoothness of... read more
16 - 11 - 2023
Thumbnail of the locking plastic floor installation process

6 Steps to install and construct the most durable and beautiful imitation wood and imitation stone plastic flooring

To construct imitation wood and imitation stone plastic flooring according to the most aesthetic and aesthetic process for your project, you need to follow these steps: Step 1: Improve the ground surface to construct imitation wood and imitation stone plastic flooring Before When constructing imitation wood and imitation stone plastic floors, we... read more
30 - 10 - 2023