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Bamboo charcoal plate aluminum brace
Top decorative accessories

Aluminum splints are considered an important accessory in the process of installing and completing works from bamboo charcoal panels. This accessory makes construction more accurate and easier. In particular, the aluminum brace for bamboo charcoal panels is also equipped with an LED lighting system, creating unique lighting effects for the living space.

Aluminum splints for bamboo charcoal panels are used to cover the corners and edges of the panels. With its flexibility and good corrosion resistance, this accessory is the perfect combination of aesthetics and material protection. From there, aluminum braces help increase the durability and sturdiness of bamboo charcoal panels effectively.


  • All
  • Splint
  • End brace
  • Outer corner brace
  • LED skirting board
  • U brace
5mm aluminum alloy accessories
Bamboo Charcoal Panel brace set 5mm thick
8mm aluminum alloy accessories
Set of black Bamboo Charcoal Panels
8mm aluminum alloy accessories
Champagne-colored Bamboo Charcoal Panel brace set
8mm aluminum alloy accessories
Yellow Bamboo Charcoal Panel brace set
End brace L5 5mm
Bending end brace L5 8mm
L5 flexion
T-bend 8mm brace
T10 bending
8mm corner end brace
8mm LED wall bracket

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