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Galamax laminate flooring newsletter


Quote the best 6 types of laminate flooring and construction notes

The current quote for laminate flooring depends on many costs such as raw material prices, production costs, transportation costs, etc. Please follow the following article to update the latest prices. [toc] Costs that affect the quote for laminate flooring Types of costs... read more
22 - 08 - 2023
Cheap wooden floor

Is cheap wood flooring good? Cost saving tips

Cheap wooden floors still meet our needs (both in terms of aesthetics and durability) at a relatively low cost. This article will list some beautiful and good natural wood floors and cheap laminate floors (Vietnamese wood floors)... read more
21 - 07 - 2023
Apartment wooden floor

7 reasons why apartments need laminate flooring

Most consumers today choose laminate flooring for apartments, simply because they put comfort and aesthetics first. One of the notable benefits of wooden floors is the ability to regulate the temperature, not causing cold ... read more
30 - 06 - 2023
Warranty policy for laminate flooring of Kosmos Vietnam warehouse

Warranty policy for laminate flooring of Kosmos Vietnam warehouse

Kosmos Vietnam's laminate flooring warranty policy provides enough information such as: instructions for use, installation notes, cases where the warranty policy cannot be applied, procedures and conditions. necessary to apply the policy. Only time... read more
24 - 06 - 2023