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Wood imitation plastic ceiling

Price list of 5 most beautiful and durable faux wood plastic ceiling models in 2024

Wooden imitation plastic ceiling is the ideal choice if you want to own a delicate wood grain ceiling without worrying about termites. Join Kosmos to take a look at popular types of wood-grain plastic ceiling panels, the hottest models and prices of completed projects. [toc] Fake plastic ceiling... read more
27 - 12 - 2023

What is a plastic thread? Classification and application of plastic moldings 

Plastic thread is a modern home decoration material that is increasingly widely used. The article will provide all information about the types of plastic moldings and their applications. What is a plastic thread? The plastic thread is a prefabricated decorative material... read more
30 - 10 - 2023
thumbnail of how Veek produces faux wood plastic wall panels

Instructions on how to properly clean fake wood wall panels

Wood imitation plastic wall paneling is a material that is no longer strange to many families today. However, not everyone knows how to properly clean the fake wood wall panels. The following article will help readers know how to clean and maintain wall panels ... read more
30 - 10 - 2023
Bare neck pattern

The latest collection of ceiling patterns and its applications

4 models of ceiling tiles are warmly welcomed by customers in 2023, including: wood grain, stone pattern, gold and copper texture and pure white. The most special is the plastic ceiling molding that can be put on all 4 models easily. Old fashioned squishy... read more
26 - 10 - 2023