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Gold plated Pandora panel.

Gold-plated bamboo charcoal panels: Structure, advantages and applications 

Gold-plated bamboo charcoal panels (gold-plated Pandora panels, gold-plated Pandora bamboo charcoal panels) are bamboo charcoal panels produced in sets of many panels, seamless, with a gold-plated surface. Their beauty changes with perspective and light, bringing depth to the space... read more
21 - 02 - 2024

Download the map of Kosmos PVC wall panels

Kosmos PVC wall panel map, also known as Kosmos fluted panel map, is an image file containing high quality fluted panel samples. Join Kosmos to learn more about the uses and map colors of the Kosmos fluted panel in detail through the following article! ... read more
16 - 01 - 2024

The most diverse and beautiful images of PVC wall panels

Kosmos has compiled images of various PVC wall panels for you to refer to before purchasing. Viewing all the samples at once helps us have a more objective view and can choose the most suitable PVC panels for the interior space. Image 3... read more
28 - 12 - 2023
Wood imitation plastic ceiling

Price list of 5 most beautiful and durable faux wood plastic ceiling models in 2024

Wooden imitation plastic ceiling is the ideal choice if you want to own a delicate wood grain ceiling without worrying about termites. Join Kosmos to take a look at popular types of wood-grain plastic ceiling panels, the hottest models and prices of completed projects. [toc] Fake plastic ceiling... read more
27 - 12 - 2023