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Top 7 high-end imported laminate floors with the largest sales volume today

Imported laminate flooring are wood floors brought from other countries into the local market with solid construction and many outstanding advantages. Most of these products come from famous countries such as Germany, Malaysia, USA, Sweden, Brazil,...


What is imported wood flooring?

These are wood floors brought from outside countries to a market through the import process. Imported floors are often produced in many countries with developed business industry such as Malaysia, Germany, USA, Sweden, Brazil,... Therefore, this type of floor is always appreciated for its quality, design,... and are widely used in decoration.

Imported wooden floor has outstanding quality
Imported wooden floor has outstanding quality

General structure of imported laminate flooring

The general structure of the imported industrial floor consists of 4 layers and a locking system:

  • Sole layer: This structural layer is usually made of plastic, which has the effect of waterproofing and helps to balance the wooden plank.
  • Wood core layer (core layer): This is the thickest structural layer in imported wood flooring. Industrial wood core is a form of HDF core, manufactured from modern machines and technologies. Thereby ensuring customers can use high-quality and reliable products.
  • Decoration class: It demonstrates the aesthetics, and color of the product. Thanks to advanced printing technology, the decorative layer has simulated the natural beauty of wood and is available in many different designs.
  • Surface Coating: Contains ingredients aluminum oxide electricity insulation, heat insulation helps increase the durability of the floor. The coating is usually about 0.3mm thick, helping to protect the product from scratches as well as limiting mold and fading.
  • Smart lock system: It helps floor installation to be more quick, easy and at the same time limit the wood planks to warp, mold. Nowadays there are many types laminate flooring lock such as: VEPS, Clic it!, Uniclic, R-Click, Tap&Go,…
Structural layers of imported laminate flooring
Structural layers of imported laminate flooring

Advantages of import floors

It's no coincidence that the types laminate flooring imported have won the trust of consumers. The product has impressed with many outstanding advantages.

  • Outstanding quality: The leading wood flooring-producing countries always apply the most advanced technology: high-quality raw materials, extracted from licensed forests. Featured with many features such as waterproofing, anti-termite, resistant to abrasion,... the product is always appreciated for its quality.
  • Diversity of models and aesthetics: With the continuous development of the material industry, manufacturers often create and launch unique and highly aesthetic products. Users can freely choose from classic to modern floor models, impressive with lifelike wood grain patterns.
Imported wood flooring has a variety of designs, as beautiful as real wood
Imported wood flooring has a variety of designs, as beautiful as real wood
  • Convenient and durable: Products are manufactured according to modern processes. All are carefully processed, contributing to ensuring accuracy as well as good bearing capacity in the floor. Besides, the locking system in the product also gives users a great experience. The installation, dismantling or cleaning and maintenance all save effort and time.

Why is imported wood flooring popular in Vietnam?

In addition to the mentioned highlights, the industrial floor is also treated with solid wood core, which is difficult to absorb water. They are therefore appropriate for all types of weather. Some flooring options today can withstand moisture for up to two months. Even in stormy, humid weather, users can make a fully informed choice.

At the same time, imported wooden floors will have a CO (Certificate of Origin) certificate of origin. Components meet E1 standards (Formaldehyde emission parameters), ensuring user safety and environmental friendliness.

Imported floor has effective waterproof ability
Imported floor has effective waterproof ability

In addition, the product also meets the requirements of other specifications such as:

  • AC (Abrasion Criteria): Parameters of the abrasion resistance of industrial floors
  • Usage Class (Utility Class): Standard force measurement, withstand impact when there are external impacts.
  • Indicator B1 (Burn Resistant): Parameters show that the floor meets good fire resistance standards,…

Top 7 most prestigious imported flooring brands today

More and more laminate flooring brands were developed in order to adequately satisfy user needs. Here are the top 4 imported wood flooring companies you should consider:

Egger laminate flooring – No.1 laminate flooring from Germany

Egger Laminate Flooring is a line of imported industrial wood floors specializing in water resistance produced from Germany. The product stands out with good waterproof ability and unique 4V locking system. Egger Group also launched the sThe Egger Aqua+ is capable Surface water resistant for 72 hours and the capable Egger Aqua Plus Water resistant up to 1.000 hours.

Egger laminate flooring brand has been developing since 1961, large scale with 17 factories and products Official distribution in 90 countries all around the world. Countries such as the US, France, UK and Australia have all welcomed this product and are highly appreciated by users.

Egger laminate flooring factory
Egger laminate flooring factory

In Vietnam, Egger wood flooring has been officially distributed with more than 20 product models including 2 versions 8 mm and 12 mm. Customers in Vietnam can easily access high-quality laminate flooring products from Germany, while possessing all the benefits that the manufacturer brings, at the most competitive prices.

Egger laminate flooring 8mm

Below are beautiful and modern 8mm Egger wood floor samples. You can refer to this for more options for your family's interior space.

Egger Laminate Flooring 8mm Aqua

The Egger 8mm Aqua wood flooring collection of quality, diverse designs will be presented below. If you are in need of installing wooden floors in wet areas, please refer to the following products.

Egger Floor 12mm

For spaces with high traffic density, Egger 12mm wood flooring will be the suitable choice. You can consider the following floor models to make your living space more perfect.

Egger Laminate Flooring 12mm Aqua

Let's take a look at the solid Egger 12mm Aqua wood flooring models with long-term durability and high aesthetics. You can use this product in spaces with high humidity without having to worry about mold or termites.

Use user-friendly designs to reduce noise. Laminate flooring has a surface that meets class 32 standards, bringing high realism and sharpness to the product. This laminate floor has good bearing capacity and heat resistance, as well as an anti-friction surface that meets AC5 standards. In addition, this product has been certified according to international standards.

Egger laminate flooring is imported from Germany
Egger is the brand Imported German wooden floors

This product is also popular with families having children. Due to the low degree of Formaldehyde gas in the product, it contributes to improving the safety of children. In addition, on the surface of the product is a grainy texture, which minimizes slippage.

Imported Egger laminate flooring is safe for children
Imported Egger laminate flooring is safe for children

Besides, you can see more technical specifications of Egger laminate flooring here.

Robina laminate flooring is imported directly from Malaysia

Robina Laminate Flooring is a brand 100% manufactured in Malaysia by Robin Groups, a leading corporation in flooring in Southeast Asia. Suitable for Vietnam's humid climate, Robina products stand out for their super water-resistant features.

Robina laminate flooring is suitable for the climate in Vietnam
Robina laminate flooring is suitable for the climate in Vietnam

Robina laminate flooring comes in two different thicknesses of 8mm and 12mm, and each has a plank length of 1283mm. This is a commonly used material in interior decoration for projects such as apartments, houses, clothing stores, Karaoke bars, practice floors, kindergartens, etc.

Robina Laminate Flooring 8mm

The following are 8mm Robina wood flooring models that are highly appreciated for their quality and aesthetics. Please refer to the variety of options when you need to install wooden floors for your project.

Wooden floor 12mm

The Robina 12mm wood flooring collection has many unique designs, promising to bring you the right choice, contributing to creating a modern and luxurious living space.

Floor 8mm Aqua

Please refer to the Robina 8mm Aqua flooring models that are not only impressive with their diverse colors but also have effective termite and water resistance. The product will bring you a beautiful living space and great experiences during use.

To provide users with a great user experience, wood flooring factory in Malaysia launched the Robina Aqua line. With ability Lock surface water for 72 hours, make sure that there is no mold or moisture when using it. Its durability is further enhanced by its ability to withstand being submerged for up to 10 days, confirming its superiority in wet environments. 

Genuine Robina laminate flooring imported from Malaysia
Genuine Robina laminate flooring imported from Malaysia

The product is made from local tropical wood trees, the super hard wood core increases the durability of the floor. In addition, the floor is also equipped with a VEPS vacuum locking system, improving the ability to lock water on the surface. At the same time, Robina flooring also applies modern German SchattDecor technology. Ensuring the project not only has a long lifespan but also has high aesthetics.

Robina Aqua laminate flooring is the perfect choice for building and decorating living spaces. With a 15-year termite warranty and a 25-year quality warranty, this product ensures durability and reliability over a long period of use.

For more detailed information about Robina laminate flooring specifications, you can see here.

Thaixin – Laminate flooring imported from Thailand

Thaixin Laminate Flooring Applying advanced European technology, produced by Vanachai Group. This is a green core wood floor with good waterproofing ability. Can withstand being immersed in water for 200 hours.

The product is also highly appreciated as a modern industrial floor that is not afraid of fire and effectively prevents fire spread. At the same time, the floor imported from Thailand also achieved technical indicators such as AC4 - Class 32 - IC2 in terms of quality and safety for users.

Thaixin laminate flooring is waterproof effectively
Thaixin laminate flooring is waterproof effectively

AGT Laminate Flooring – Turkish Wood Flooring

AGT – A brand of industrial wood was born in 1984 in Antalya (city of Turkey) with the goal of developing industrial wood and laminate flooring technology, using scientific methods to create products according to user trends and preferences.

AGT wood flooring contributes to creating a modern living space
AGT wood flooring contributes to creating a modern living space

Up to now, AGT is one of the leading Turkish factories in the field of industrial wood materials. AGT supplies the construction industry and manufactures many interior materials, including MDF and MF-MDF. With modern machinery facilities, AGT factory covers an area of ​​over 400 thousand square meters.

AGT laminate flooring is the perfect choice for any living space
AGT laminate flooring is the perfect choice for any living space

AGT . laminate flooring – The perfect choice for your living space. With more than many years of experience in the wood flooring manufacturing and supply industry, AGT has become a reputable and trusted name. The product represents luxury and quality, is environmentally friendly and safe for users' health.

AGT floor 8mm
AGT 12mm . laminate flooring
8mm . herringbone floor

The product brings perfection in quality and design, with a variety of colors and designs to suit every interior style. In particular, AGT wooden floors are also fireproof and easy to clean. Scratch resistance reaches AC5, making the floor good for use in environments with high traffic density.

AGT imported Turkish wood flooring has many eye-catching grain patterns
AGT imported Turkish wood flooring has many eye-catching grain patterns

In addition, the product has a warranty policy of up to 15 years for 8mm floors and 20 years for 12mm floors. That is also the advantage that helps users feel secure in using the floor for a long time.

High quality AGT wooden floors are scratch resistant and highly durable.
High quality AGT wooden floors are scratch resistant and highly durable

Kronoswiss parquet

KronoSwiss laminate flooring is a 100% product made in Switzerland, using leading European technology. Researched and adjusted to suit the climatic conditions in Asian countries, with characteristics of high humidity and large temperature differences between seasons.

Kronoswiss laminate flooring is loved by many users because of its natural beauty
Kronoswiss laminate flooring is loved by many users because of its natural beauty

Thanks to this property, KronoSwiss laminate flooring is not affected by weather, termites, warping or shrinking according to weather changes.

Laminate Flooring Premium KronoSwiss has all the common advantages of laminate flooring. Brings a feeling of luxury and elegance to the living space. With diverse colors, many tones and beautiful wood grain, it helps satisfy the choices of many people.

KronoSwiss laminate flooring is available in different colors
KronoSwiss laminate flooring is available in different colors

Moreover, this wooden floor is convenient to install and easy to disassemble for moving. This makes it possible for users to use it anywhere they want. KronoSwiss laminate flooring is really the perfect choice for many users today.

Inovar wood flooring

Innovate is a famous brand of laminate flooring in Malaysia and the whole Asia region. With constant effort and passion, Inovar Malaysia won the Asia Pacific Flooring Brand Award (The Asia Pacific Brand Laureate Award) for the 7th time in a row.

Wooden floors bring a living space with high aesthetics
Wooden floors bring a living space with high aesthetics

In particular, in a difficult market like Japan, Inovar has become the No. 1 brand in LPM industrial flooring from 2009 to 2013, according to a report by the Japan Yano Research Institute.

Inovar wood flooring - high-end industrial wood flooring brand
Inovar laminate flooring meets all the needs of customers

Inovar laminate flooring offers a variety of colors and types, meeting many different segments in the market. From mid-priced products to high-end premium products, Inovar has something to cater for every need. Designed with a variety of wood grain, Inovar laminate flooring meets the aesthetic expectations of all classes of customers.

Vario wooden flooring - Laminate flooring imported from Malaysia

Wood Floor Vario is one of the new industrial flooring lines appearing on the market. However, the product has made a good impression on users because of its outstanding quality. In addition, the floor is applied the DPL production method - pressed by direct pressure to help the product withstand moisture and resist wear and tear well.

Vario quality laminate flooring with a variety of designs
Vario quality laminate flooring with a variety of designs

Both Robina and Vario are manufactured at the prestigious Robina Flooring Sdn Bhd factory, bringing consumers satisfaction by ideal quality flooring.

>>> Learn more about how to properly construct imported laminate flooring:

General, Imported wooden floor Outstanding with high quality, undergoing strict testing and production process using modern technology. In the above article, Kosmos has compiled details about the list Top 7 imported laminate flooring brands Leading in Vietnam. Hope you have found useful information from this article.

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