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The most popular types of industrial wood floor locks today

The wooden floor locks are joints that are responsible for connecting the planks together. Therefore, joints play a significant role in the durability of wooden floors. The article will list the popular types of industrial wood floor locks today for your reference.


What is a wooden floor lock? How does it work?

Laminate floor locks are joints located at the edges of the floorboards, which are used to link individual boards into a complete floor. The boards are connected by attaching the yin to the yang. The key lock is a useful invention to remove glue from the construction of wooden floors and plastic floors.

Industrial wood floor lock.
Industrial wood floor lock.

Laminate flooring was invented in 1966. Up to now, the shape of wooden floor joints has been modified into many designs but still has the same effect of keeping the floor stable. The joint connects the floorboard tightly, not moving for a long time of use.

In addition, the lock is also applied to plastic floors, making it much more convenient than glued plastic floors. The locking clamp application makes it easy to install and remove the planks. In addition, the lock does not limit the water resistance of the plastic floor like glue.

Plastic floor lock.
Plastic floor lock.

Popular types of industrial wood floor lock

There are 5 popular types of laminate flooring on the market: Uniclic, R-Click, Tap & Go, Arc Click, Clic It!. Each type of cashew nut has a different yin and yang coupling shape and improves a little more user support features, specifically as follows:

Uniclic locking jaws – Popular wooden floor joints

Uniclic lock button is the type that is widely applied on the lines laminate flooring current high end. Two joints link under the tongue hook and collapsible mechanism, the certainty when installing the floor is beyond the table. This type of coupling is researched and developed by Unilin Group from Belgium.

Uniclic wood floor lock
Uniclic wood floor lock

R-Click locking jaws – Wood floor joints with VEPS . technology

The R-Click lock is a huge plus of all types Malaysian laminate flooring. Hem brings many advantages from VEPS (Vacuum Edge Protection System) technology such as:

  • Perfect joint protection, against impact moisture.
  • Limit sound output when assembling joints.
  • Dimensional stability for the joint as well as the size of the floor.
Rclick wooden floor lock
Rclick wooden floor lock

The R-click wooden floor lock has an extremely complex structure, so it needs a skilled worker to align the negative - positive coupling correctly. On the other hand, because of the complex structure, it is difficult to have a leak.

Arch Lock - The easiest wooden floor joint to install

The Arch Lock is designed quite simply, you just need to push the two wooden floor joints together and tap lightly. You can install Arch Lock at home without a mechanic. However, the tightness of Arch Lock is not equal to other types of laminate flooring.

Arch Lock wooden floor lock.
Arch Lock wooden floor lock.

Arc Click lock - Waterproof wooden floor lock

Arc Click Hook-shaped blade with wax coating on the coupling. The wax layer increases moisture resistance and minimizes swelling. It is difficult to protect wooden floors from expansion due to water during cleaning. The Arc Click key lock contributes to maintaining the longevity of laminate flooring.

Arc-Click wooden floor lock
Arc-Click wooden floor lock

Click it to lock it! – Egger industrial wood floor lock

Click it! is the exclusive lock of German Egger . laminate flooring. Clic it locking jaws have a tightness of up to 99%. In particular, Egger Aqua is a water-resistant wooden floor capable of locking surface water. Water can't get through Egger laminate flooring joints for 72 hours certified by Nalfa.

Clic it!
Clic it!

3 common errors with laminate floor locks, causes and solutions

There are 3 common mistakes in the wooden floor lock hem: open hem, open hem and broken hem. Coupling malfunctions severely impact the experience on the floor. What is the cause of the above errors? How to fix the error? Scroll down below to find the solution!

Keyhole error

The disadvantage of the open condition of the lock is that it is easy to trip. In addition, the crevice makes it difficult to clean the floor, which easily leads to mold in the slot. On the other hand, termites easily attack the edges of the floor causing serious damage.

The lock of the industrial wood floor is open.
The lock of the industrial wood floor is open.

The 3 causes of crevices are: incorrect installation technique, ambient temperature and manufacturing defects.

  • Technician's installation:

The incorrect calculation of the expansion distance will cause the floor to swell, creating a gap in the floor. The ideal distance for the expansion floor is 1cm. In addition, workers need to let the floor acclimatize to the building temperature before installation.

  • Environment temperature:

Laminate flooring is a flooring material that is strongly affected by temperature. Low temperatures lead to shrinkage of the flooring. High temperatures will cause the floor to expand. The resizing affects the keylock a lot. The ideal temperature is around 25-30 degrees Celsius.

  • Manufacturing error:

Inhomogeneous coupling size will cause crevices. You must carefully inspect the product immediately upon arrival. If an error occurs, please contact the supplier immediately to proceed with the exchange. Ideally, find a reputable supplier.

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Hatching error

The biggest reason why flooring and keystones change size is moisture. When cleaning the floor, please do not pour water directly on the floor, but use a damp cloth to wipe it. In an environment with high humidity in the air, we should use water-resistant laminate flooring for a long life.

Laminate flooring joints are swollen due to being submerged for too long.
Laminate flooring joints are swollen due to being submerged for too long.

Error breaking the lock of the industrial wood floor

The wooden floor lock, once broken, can only be replaced because the boards have lost their connection. Fracture fault usually comes from improper fitting of the coupling. In addition, the manufacturer designs a weak coupling that will break the hem when the force is applied. To avoid a broken lock, we should do two things:

  • When buying, check to see if the joints are thick and sturdy.
  • When mounting, carefully read the installation instructions for the floor's negative-positive joint.

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Laminate flooring is broken and must be replaced.
Laminate flooring is broken and must be replaced.

In summary, the wooden floor lock is an extremely useful invention during the construction and installation of wooden floors and plastic floors. The article has compiled 5 types industrial wood floor lock popular on the market, and at the same time show how to fix 3 common errors in couplings. Hope this article brings a lot of useful information to you.

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