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Is PVC skirting good?

PVC skirting board This is the most common form of wall cladding used today. Using skirting wool helps to increase the aesthetics and protect the base of the house. There are many types of skirting materials, so is it good to use plastic? Let's find out in the following article!


What is PVC skirting board?

Basement wool is a material that covers the base of the wall with materials such as ceramic tiles, wood or plastic. The product helps to create accents and keep the floor and wall clean. PVC skirting board is a PVC material used for wall brackets.

Plastic skirting, also known as skirting board, skirting boards or wall brackets. These names have the same meaning.

PVC skirting board is a material used to protect the base of the wall.
PVC skirting board is a material used to protect the base of the wall.

Structure of plastic wall wool

With the variety of materials that make up the skirting board, customers have more options to decorate their home space. However, because it is made from many different materials, customers often wonder which product is the best quality product.

  • Top UV surface protection layer: This layer acts as scratch-resistant, protecting the surface and texture underneath. Avoid damage when there is an external force acting on it. At the same time increase gloss, anti-fading for the product.
  • Decorative film layer: This is a layer of paper containing imitation wood grain, imitation stone, ... creating colors for the wall wool. The higher the sophistication, the better the picture, the better the product.
  • Special glue layer: This layer of glue is in charge of bonding the decorative film to the PVC core. Helps the panel not to peel off the surface, increasing its durability and service life.
  • PVC Plasker Grade: This is the plastic core of the whole woolen sheet, which is the part that creates the shape and determines most of the quality of the wall wool, whether it is strong and durable.
Kosmos pvc baseboards use virgin plastic.
Kosmos pvc baseboards use virgin plastic.

What is the effect of the skirting board?

This type of material is almost familiar to every family, or other public works. They are applied to cover the gaps between the floor and the base of the wall, helping to increase the aesthetics of the interior space to become more perfect.

The resort white plastic skirting board Helps protect the base of the wall from water seepage and peeling. Or, use it to shield and hide the power lines behind.

Alternatively, we can use fake wood plastic skirting boards combined with industrial wood floors, imitation wood plastic floors, tile floors, etc. to create a harmonious beauty according to the wishes of the owner for a more comfortable living space.

Woolen skirting helps to increase the aesthetics of living space.
Woolen skirting helps to increase the aesthetics of living space.

Thanks to the above functions and ease of combination, PVC skirting boards with imitation of stone or wood are widely used in spaces such as houses, offices, restaurants, commercial centers, hotels, etc. coffee shop,… And this is almost the best choice for skirting to prolong the life of the whole building longer.


Is PVC skirting good?

Currently, PVC skirting is a popular material that we see almost everywhere we go. PVC plastic is a type of plastic with outstanding properties and is suitable for wide application in interior design such as: pvc floor imitation wood, PVC imitation wood wall panels, pvc ceiling imitation stone… All of them are used a lot and tend to increase.

It can be seen that PVC skirting boards or other PVC motifs are good and meet the conditions to become suitable interior construction materials. Depending on the needs and budget, the homeowner chooses the most suitable type of molding to use.

PVC skirting board is widely used.
PVC skirting board is widely used.

Some characteristics of PVC wool

  • Has a perfect waterproof feature up to 99%, helping the wall to avoid water absorption, mildew, moss and algae causing unsightly.
  • Light weight, easy to stick to the wall, hard to fall off and easy to apply.
  • High aesthetics: Industrial products always have the same color and texture. From there, it helps to decorate the house in a more uniform and harmonious color, especially for large-area surfaces
  • PVC plastic withstands very high heat, up to 120 degrees Celsius. Resistant to deformation, swelling when the temperature increases.
  • Cost savings: The price of plastic skirting wool is almost the lowest in skirting products. Compared to stone, wood…
  • Long service life: When used and maintained properly, the service life can be up to 15 years.
High aesthetic pvc wool
High aesthetic pvc wool

How to choose the right skirting wool

There are many color schemes and designs for interior materials to harmonize with each other. For wall braces, there are 3 common ways commonly used to choose the most appropriate color.

  1. Choose the color of the wall thread match with the main color of the room.
  2. Choose thread brace color contrast with the main color of the room.
  3. Choose the color of the skirting board according to secondary color

In the past, ceramic tiles or natural wood were often used for skirting. However, due to the aesthetics and cost of these two types of products are relatively high. Besides, many short-term projects only need to cover short-term materials. It is for these reasons that plastic skirting boards have replaced traditional natural wood and brick wool. The stone products, imitation wood grain still ensure the beauty of the space. In particular, the product helps reduce costs for many families.

Should choose a model of plastic skirting board suitable for the floor plank model
Should choose a model of plastic skirting board suitable for the floor plank model

Thus, our article introduced the structure and application of PVC skirting board. Besides, its outstanding features in interior construction. Hope the knowledge is useful to you! Any questions please contact at Kosmos Vietnam Fanpage for the most specific answer.

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