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Top 6 types of plastic and wood glue that are currently extremely hot on the market

Plastic and wood glue It seems like just a small factor, but if you buy the wrong quality products, the project will lose its safety and aesthetics. Understanding consumer psychology, Kosmos has researched and selected the 6 most worth-try wood-plastic glue brands today.

Take a look at the top 6 best types of wood-plastic glue today
Take a look at the top 6 best types of wood-plastic glue today

Quick Nail heavy-duty plastic wood glue

Quick Nail heavy-duty plastic wood glue or Quick Nail glue is a Hybrid Polymer compound that helps wood stick tightly to the surface of plastic panels. Not only that, this type of glue can also stick to other materials such as glass, brick, stone, aluminum, metal,... extremely convenient.

Quick Nail heavy-duty adhesive
Quick Nail heavy-duty adhesive (Source: Internet)

This Quick Nail glue is made in Thailand using Japanese technology so it has good quality with many outstanding advantages such as bearing 30kg/cm.2, quick drying, good elasticity,... In addition, Quick Nail has passed quality tests such as ISO 37 and ASTM C 661.

Reference selling price (January 1) ~ 90.000 VND/300ml bottle


Plastic glue to AB wood (Epoxy glue)

AB glue Also known as Epoxy glue, it consists of two active ingredients: A, Epoxy resin, and B, a curing agent, capable of sticking well to surfaces such as wood, metal, concrete,... and can be used outdoors. In addition, this type of glue is also used for decoration Epoxy wooden table very beautiful and artistic.

Epoxy glue is sought after by many customers
Epoxy glue is sought after by many customers (Source: Internet)

However, the disadvantage of this type is that it takes a long time to dry and is a chemical glue, so long-term use will affect your health. In addition, they also need to be mixed in the correct ratio before being put into construction.

Reference selling price (January 1) ~ 255.000 VND/set


PUR Kleiberit waterproof plastic wood glue

Kleiberit glue imported from Germany, currently has 140 searches/average in December 12. This is a specialized glue for wood and plastic with high adhesion and dries quickly when exposed to air. This type of glue has the best waterproof properties on the market and is popular in the US and Europe.

PUR glue comes from the Kleiberit brand
PUR glue comes from the Kleiberit brand (Source: Internet)

Kleiberit PUR glue It is an environmentally friendly glue so it is widely used in interior decoration. However, the price is quite high so competitiveness in the Vietnamese market is still low.


Kosmos bond wood and plastic glue

Kosmos bond is a line of glue made from silicone, polysiloxane and other additives specialized for interior and exterior use, white in color, in squeeze bar form. The glue has a liquid gel form, when exposed to a humid environment it will harden, increasing adhesion.

Kosmos bond adhesive
Kosmos bond adhesive

Chúng thường dùng để dán các loại vật liệu trang trí như tấm nhựa ốp tường, ốp trần, tấm ốp than tre, alu, gỗ nhựa ngoài trời,… Đây là loại keo có độ bám dính tốt, nhanh khô, chịu được nhiệt độ cao,… vậy nên luôn được Khách Hàng yêu thích.

Reference selling price (January 1) ~ 50.000/300ml bottle

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CA glue (Cyanoacrylates)

CA glue is a line of glue that dries very quickly and sticks wood to plastic or other materials very firmly, its full name is Cyanoacrylates. This is a line of component glue so there is no need to mix before application, providing convenience.

Reference selling price (January 1) ~11.000 VND/20g bottle

CA glue or Cyanoacrylates glue
CA glue or Cyanoacrylates glue (Source: Internet)

X-bond glue

X-bond is a product of the X'traseal brand manufactured in Malaysia. This type of glue is often used to adhere materials such as PVC, wood, mirrors, plywood, etc. Before construction, the adhesive surface needs to be clean and dry. If there is any loose paint layer, it needs to be removed and Sanding to ensure the glue is fully effective. After pasting, to make the project more perfect, you can remove excess glue with Xylene or Toluene.

Reference selling price (January 1) ~ 60.000 VND/ 320ml bottle

X-bond glue specializes in attaching plastic to wood
X-bond glue specializes in attaching plastic to wood

Kosmos General Warehouse specializes in distributing wood and plastic glue

Kosmos has spent more than 10 years trying to make decorative materials products widely available in the lives of Vietnamese consumers. In particular, the warehouse specializes in providing glues for wood and plastic, including X-bond and Kosmos Bond, which are indispensable products in interior and exterior decoration because thanks to them, new materials stick together tightly. helps the project increase its durability and perfect aesthetics for the construction item.

Massive warehouse of up to 10.000m2 of Kosmos Vietnam
Massive warehouse of up to 10.000m2 of Kosmos Vietnam

Many Customers still think plastic wood glue They are not necessary, but they are very important materials in home design and decoration. Hopefully these 6 glue brands have helped you think less when choosing a good glue line for your project.


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