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Durable plastic ceilings, perfect for interior and exterior spaces

Plastic ceiling is a new material in interior design. Each type of ceiling has its own characteristics, the article will give users the most objective view.


What is a plastic ceiling?

Plastic ceiling (also known as plastic font) is a type of ceiling that uses new materials with the main component being plastic such as: pvc sheet, ps . plastic sheet, hanging bar, .. They replace the classic ceiling types such as wood ceiling, plaster ceiling, ...

Ceiling imitation wood plastic slats
Ceiling imitation wood plastic slats

5 things to note when making plastic windmills

Previously, the la fon (ceiling) was considered as a miniature sky in the home, an extremely important position in the interior space. The choice of materials and design drawings for plastic wind turbines is extremely important for the following reasons:

La Phong is very difficult to clean

La Phong is high so it is difficult to clean. You should choose ceiling plastic panels covered with a glossy layer on the surface to minimize dust accumulation.

Choose ceiling materials to ensure safety

Ceiling cladding materials need to be durable to keep users safe. Not only should attention be paid to the quality of the material, but the construction process also needs to be ensured. You should find reputable construction units to perform this important item.

General aesthetics for the apartment

The ceiling must not only ensure the brightness, but also meet the general aesthetic of the apartment. Fortunately, the variety of wall panels can accommodate any interior design trend.

Plastic ceiling panels bring a variety of beauty thanks to the decorative texture layer
Plastic ceiling panels bring a variety of beauty thanks to the decorative texture layer

Ceilings are easily discolored by smoke

The ceiling is rarely affected, so it is difficult to get dirty easily. However, the ceiling in areas such as the kitchen or near the altar is prone to staining with colored smoke. We should choose ceiling materials that are resistant to water to conduct periodic cleaning with a damp cloth.

Ceiling affects house feng shui

As mentioned, the ceiling is the sky in the interior, an important position in feng shui housing should be careful.


Compare 3 popular types of plastic ceiling today

PVC Ceiling / PS . Ceiling

SPC Trần plastic ceiling

Plastic wood ceiling

Structure Plastic Powder + Additives Plastic powder + Stone powder + Additives Wood Powder + Plastic Powder + Additives
Models Imitation wood, imitation stone, smooth grain, ... various colors and designs thanks to the decorative film layer. Imitation wood, imitation stone, smooth grain, ... diverse colors and designs with eye-catching glossy surface. Wear imitation wood design with rough surface, imprinted wood grain or 3D wood grain.
Application location Interior materials Interior materials Interior and exterior

Ceiling plastic wood has fewer patterns, but the beauty comes from the material itself, does not fade in the sun.

Exterior ceiling panels
Exterior ceiling panels
Wood imitation plastic panels for interior ceiling
Wood imitation plastic panels for interior ceiling

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3 most popular plastic ceiling models on the market

Traditional flat plastic ceiling model

Flat ceiling is the simplest design and easiest to implement. They don't need too much detail but still make the house beautiful in an elegant way and make the perfect background for materials such as ceiling lights or light effect colors.

Flat plastic ceiling model
Flat plastic ceiling model

Drop ceiling (floating ceiling)

Plastic drop ceiling model (floating ceiling) is a type of plastic ceiling designed to expose part of the skeleton to the outside. They are applied to hide unaesthetic details of the house such as water pipes, electrical lines, etc. This ceiling model is the fastest way to improve the aesthetics of houses with roofs made of corrugated iron or tiles. .

Although the aesthetics of this type of ceiling are not high, in return they are very easy to repair. The cost of installing a floating plastic font is extremely economical because it does not require meticulous installation techniques, too much detail. The installation location of drop plastic ceiling (floating ceiling) is usually the corridor area of ​​high-rise buildings and apartments. Or, commercial centers, companies, where ceiling-mounted air conditioning systems are used (machines with large ducts).

Plastic drop ceiling model
Plastic drop ceiling model

Recessed plastic ceiling (leveled ceiling)

The sunken plastic ceiling model (also known as the leveled ceiling) is a type of ceiling designed to hide underneath the skeleton. Usually, this type of ceiling is designed with a ceiling in the middle, creating a highlight for the room space. This ceiling model brings a balanced effect to the entire area below.

We can design hidden plastic ceilings from 2 to 3 layers, from large to small so that the ceiling has a proportional proportion, attracting the eye to the central position. To make the plastic ceiling more prominent, we can invest in a chandelier right in the middle of the ceiling.

The current designs of sunken plastic ceilings are applied in a variety of ways based on the gaps between the floors. Aesthetics rely on conscientious and skilled workers, installing plastic ceilings that show a flexible curvature on top of the head.

Model of high-grade plastic ceiling
Model of high-grade plastic ceiling

In addition to relying on geometric space effects to increase the aesthetics of the house, we can apply more lighting effects by arranging lighting systems in the space on the plastic ceiling.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic ceilings compared to other types of ceilings?

To be able to compare the differences between plastic ceilings and other ceiling materials. We need to understand the concept of each type of ceiling to make an accurate diagnosis.

plaster ceiling

The gypsum nature has hydrophilic physical properties. The impact of water will significantly damage the ceiling, causing mold and cracking after a long time of use. The cost of replacing and repairing plaster ceilings is quite expensive because the entire ceiling must be repaired at one time. Meanwhile, the plastic ceiling is not affected by water and can be divided into segments for repair.

plaster ceiling
plaster ceiling

However, plaster slabs (plaster ceiling) is fireproof and safe for your family home. In addition, plaster ceilings support sound absorption and noise protection, so that the living space has a better experience. At the same time, plasterboard panels are very helpful in the hot season because of their heat insulation properties. The applicability of plaster ceilings is no less than any other type of ceiling. Plaster is a construction material that is easy to design and style.

Wooden ceiling

Wooden ceiling is a type of ceiling in the high-end segment, only families with economic conditions can own. The wooden paneled ceiling is engraved with meticulous and sophisticated patterns, bringing luxury to the house. They appear for a long time in the generations of our grandparents, present as a typical cultural feature of Vietnam. Nowadays, we still often see wooden ceilings in ancestral churches.

Wooden ceiling
Wooden ceiling

The price of wood ceiling construction is increasing because of the scarcity of wood resources. To save costs as well as protect this valuable resource, today's ceiling panels are designed in many authentic wood grain designs for customers to choose from.

Industrial wooden ceiling

A type of ceiling closest to wooden ceilings is industrial wood ceilings. Industrial wood is made from wood pulp, through a production line using advanced extrusion technology. Still made from wood, industrial wood ceilings effectively limit mold and termites. However, the water resistance of this type of ceiling cannot be compared types of wood-imitation plastic ceilings.

Industrial wooden ceiling
Industrial wooden ceiling

Tran ton

There are three types of corrugated iron ceiling: cold corrugated iron ceiling, zinc corrugated iron ceiling and 3 layer cold corrugated iron ceiling, specifically:

  • Galvanized corrugated iron ceilings are the cheapest and they are not used much anymore.
  • Cold corrugated iron ceiling is also known as zinc aluminum alloy coated corrugated iron. This type of ceiling is often found in factories.
  • 3-layer cold corrugated ceiling enhances sound insulation more effectively. In which there are 2 layers is corrugated iron, 1 layer is PU foam core.

Heat resistance is the absolute advantage that corrugated iron ceiling brings to users. Construction of the ceiling with corrugated iron is mostly a mounting operation, quite easy to practice. The beauty of corrugated iron ceilings comes from the adhesive coating, which can be painted to resemble wood grain. However, the beauty is still quite rigid, it is difficult to compare with high-class plastic ceilings with delicate wood-imitation printing film like today.

Tran ton
Tran ton

Aluminum ceiling (Alu ceiling)

Aluminum ceiling is a type of ceiling that has a perforated or ridged appearance that is coated with a powder coating. The poor heat transfer properties of this type of ceiling are quite popular in hot climates all year round. The stability of aluminum ceilings is considered high when the deformation is not much.

However, aluminum ceilings have obvious disadvantages when there is a collision such as an impact with a strong wind or an animal running through. Their noise is quite annoying. The aesthetics of aluminum ceilings are not high, so they are not popular with most users today. If you are in an area that is not too hot but needs high aesthetics, a plastic ceiling is the most appropriate choice.

Aluminum ceiling
Aluminum ceiling

Cement ceiling

Cement ceiling panels (lightweight concrete panels) has the English name Cement Board and is often called Cemboard. They are made of cement, fine sand, lime, cellulose fibers and adhesive chemicals. The thickness of cement ceiling panels depends on the application and design. The weight makes it difficult for workers to construct because it is quite heavy. They do not have high strength and are susceptible to cracking under strong impact, especially cracking edges when screwing.

Ceiling tiles
Ceiling tiles

There are too many cement ceiling distributors on the market, the quality is not stable. You need to pay close attention when buying to avoid having an unfortunate experience by materials of unknown origin. Light weight and simple installation are the reasons why consumers choose plastic ceilings over cement ceilings.


The advantage of being plastic fonts makes them an alternative to traditional ones

  • The corrugated board can be used on walls and ceilings
  • Plastic panels are light in weight, easy to construct and repair.
  • The cost of installing a plastic font is not high.
  • The plastic ceiling has an eye-catching design, the printed pattern is extremely rich, easy to follow the trend of the times.
  • The water resistance of the plastic ceiling is an absolute advantage, when it is leaked, there is no need to worry about the ceiling being affected or degraded.
  • High-grade plastic ceiling panels are resistant to fire spread, minimizing loss when there is an incident.
  • Wood-plastic ceiling is termite resistant, better preserving beauty.


Plastic ceiling This type of ceiling has many advantages such as water resistance, ease of installation, high aesthetics, etc., giving users a better experience than traditional ceilings. The latest plastic ceiling materials today are PVC, PS, SPC or plastic wood panels, all of which are improved materials, promising to transform themselves into ceiling materials of the future generation. Kosmos Vietnam is a general warehouse specializing in providing high-grade plastic ceiling panels. If you want to learn more about the product, you can call Hotline or leave information in the section contact.

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