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How to distinguish real and fake Malaysian laminate flooring?

Real Malaysian laminate flooring receives many favors from users. Because of that, there are many fake wooden floors from Malaysia on the market to entice customers. So, how to distinguish between real and fake wooden floors? Kosmos Vietnam will reveal the truth for you right here!


Why is Malaysian laminate flooring popular?

Malaysian wooden floors are popular because of the use of tropical wood cores here. This type of wood has high hardness, bitter wood, contains oil with lignin content to support high moisture resistance. These factors are the reason why the floor is termite resistant.

At the same time, the formation on modern production lines has increased water resistance, scratch resistance and extended the life of the floor. This type of product can be compared with Imported German wooden floors high-end yet the price is still suitable for customers in the mid-range segment.

Real, genuine Malaysian laminate flooring is popular with users
Genuine Malaysian wooden floors are popular with users

What is fake Laminate flooring from Malaysia?

The fake wooden floor of Malaysia is very sophisticatedly deceived by distribution units. Here are 2 ways for products of unknown origin to "turn" into Malaysian laminate flooring!

Laminate flooring imported from Malaysia but made in China

It is inconvenient that wooden floors imported from Malaysia originate from China. Specifically, there are a few units that have intentionally imported large quantities of wooden floors from China to Malaysia. Then, from Malaysia, they brought this shipment to other countries for consumption. Thus, it is easy for "Chinese wooden floors" to receive Malaysian import certification from Customs.

You should remember, importing from Malaysia is different from making in Malaysia. If we are negligent, it is very easy to be taken advantage of by the bad guys. And not only this way, there are many other ways to cheat the origin that the General Department of Customs has collected as shown below.

Origin fraud tricks - Source: General Department of Customs - Graphics: Hong Van
Origin fraud tricks – Source: General Department of Customs – Graphics: Hong Van

The fraudulent trick that the article just mentioned is known in the form of "temporary import for re-export". Through this form, not only Malaysia but also many other countries are also at risk of being faked. In the Vietnamese market, they often call these types of floors of unknown origin "faux wood floor".

Only use wooden core in Malaysia

Malaysian laminate flooring Genuine is a floor with information "Made in Malaysia" instead of "HDF made in Malaysia". Because, to form a complete floorboard, except for the wood core, there are coatings and the intervention of technological machines.

The type using only imported Malaysian wood is considered "Malaysian laminate flooring grade 2" with a lower price than "class 1".

HDF Made in Malaysia laminate flooring can be Vietnamese domestic Laminate flooring. We do not overestimate Vietnam's production technology as good or bad. Here, we only clearly distinguish what is real Malaysian laminate flooring, avoiding confusion for users.

Floors manufactured in Vietnam still ensure good quality and aesthetics for users. However, Imported wooden floor from Malaysia has left a huge impression on users with the 2nd highest consumption on the market (only after German wooden floors).

Robina is a Malaysian laminate flooring that invests in advanced technology and machinery
Robina is a Malaysian laminate flooring that invests in advanced technology and machinery

What is genuine Malaysian laminate flooring?

Through the above information, you may be worried and do not know if the Malaysian wood floor you are thinking of buying is fake or real, right? Rest assured, Kosmos has listed for you 3 elements that genuine Malaysian goods must have, check it out!

The factory information in Malaysia is clear

In Malaysia, there are currently two large wooden flooring factories: ROBINA and INOVAR. Both have official information on forums and are located on google maps.

Factory contact information Robina Inovar . factory contact information
International name: Robina Flooring Sdn Bhd

English website:

English Fanpage:

Google map location: No.1. Jalan Industri 5, Taman Perindustrian Temerluh, 28400 Mentakab, Pahang, Malaysia.

International name: Inovar Resources Sdn Bhd

English website:

English Fanpage:

Google map location: View all factory branches here.

You can ask the Malaysian Laminate flooring distributor to provide the factory name to verify the information. If the name you receive is different from the two names mentioned above, search Google immediately to verify the reliability of the product. Genuine Malaysian Laminate flooring must have an English website and fanpage, and the factory address must be found on google map.

Has the label "Made in Malaysia"

On the box and on the back of genuine Malaysian laminate flooring will be clearly marked "Made in Malaysia". Besides, the factory address is also printed directly on the box.

Real Malaysian laminate flooring with Made in Malaysia information on the label
Real imported Malaysian Laminate flooring has Made in Malaysia information on the label

As soon as you receive the product catalog and sample book, you can also verify the information by the above factors. They must also have the factory address and the words "Made in Malaysia” instead of other variations like: Malaysia standard, Malaysia technology, HDF Made in Malaysia,… In particular, the Malaysian flag is an indispensable mark on the floor's publications.

Have original papers certifying origin and floor quality

The sign of fake Malaysian laminate flooring is not being able to present the original documents, instead there are black and white, blurred, blurred photo papers, etc. Ironically, those papers are the only thing that the supplier has. Faux wood floor clings to. They think that just giving a piece of paper with relevant information about Malaysia can make buyers no longer doubt the origin and origin of the product.


A reputable Laminate flooring supplier with a factory visit and full papers

To buy genuine Malaysian industrial Laminate flooring, you must find a reputable supplier. They will provide all original documents for certification of origin and quality certification of the product.

Currently, distributor Laminate Flooring Malaysia Robina in the Vietnamese market is Kosmos Vietnam. Kosmos warehouse has more than 10 years of experience in the field of wooden flooring distribution and is trusted and signed exclusively by many large suppliers. You can easily find exchange images of Kosmos and manufacturing plants on social networking forums.

Representative of Malaysian Laminate flooring factory Robina visited Kosmos Vietnam warehouse.
Representative of Malaysian Laminate flooring factory Robina visited Kosmos Vietnam warehouse.

The status of wooden floors labeled Malaysia but made in Vietnam

Laminate flooring made in Vietnam, sold on the Vietnamese market itself, has to be labeled in another country like Malaysia to be able to consume it is a sad reality. Sad here is sad by the seller's sense.

When the country is in the process of integration, the label Made in Vietnam gradually replaced by Made by Vietnam (emphasizing products made by Vietnamese people/factories/brands/enterprises) to affirm the position of a national brand in the international market, some people cover it up. Do we not trust our country?

Povar is a green Laminate flooring brand made in Vietnam
Povar is a green Laminate flooring brand made in Vietnam

We can borrow technology from advanced countries like Germany, can take advantage of quality wood like HDF made in Malaysia. But, our wooden floor is still Vietnamese Laminate flooring, produced in this very S-shaped country.

Galamax is a Vietnamese wooden floor that applies German technology
Galamax is a Vietnamese wooden floor with advanced technology application

Perhaps it is so easy to stick a label that says “Made in Malaysia” that no one cares about the origin of the product. What they care about is immediate benefits, ready to deceive users and negate national interests. Be a conscientious product supplier and distributor. Kosmos believes that quality products will move the hearts of Vietnamese consumers.

Kosmos laminate flooring is proud to be Vietnamese laminate flooring
Kosmos wooden flooring is proud to be Vietnamese wooden flooring

Even if there is a fake, there are only 3 factories in Malaysia: Inova, Robina and Synchrowood. Therefore, on the Vietnamese market, there are only 2 to 3 representative units that import genuine Malaysian laminate flooring.

It will be difficult for laminate flooring to be labeled Malaysia, but manufacturing in Vietnam can exist if the information is clear and transparent in the market. Be honest with customers, together affirm the position of Vietnamese laminate flooring in the domestic and foreign markets.

Kosmos herringbone Laminate flooring is manufactured in Vietnam with a 10-year termite warranty
Kosmos herringbone laminate flooring is made in Vietnam

3 elements that Real Malaysian wood floors The above will be a guide to help you buy the product you want. Depot Kosmos wooden floor Vietnam is always ready to accompany you. For further information, please contact (+84) 903 093 221 or Fanpage Kosmos Vietnam.

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