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Huu Tin Store - Cho Moi, An Giang: Plastic wood, wooden floors, plastic panels, moulding, wooden ceiling, wooden walls

Huu Tin Store (Huu Tin, Huu Tin plastic wood store) is a store specializing in selling materials to serve the needs of interior and exterior decoration with a variety of products such as: plastic wood, wooden floors, plastic panels, moulding,... in Cho Moi district, An Giang province. In addition, the store also accepts construction of wooden ceilings, wooden walls, etc., giving customers a beautiful, durable living space.


Where is Cho Moi, An Giang?

Cho Moi is a district located in the east of An Giang province with a rich culture and diversity of unique traditional festivals. The district includes 3 towns and 15 communes divided into 142 hamlets, adjacent to many large cities such as Cao Lanh city, Long Xuyen city,...

In recent years, Cho Moi district has increasingly developed strongly in the field of construction and interior and exterior decoration with many modern and luxuriously designed projects. To meet the increasing demand for new decorative materials, many material supply stores have been established. Among them, Huu Tin store is one of the reputable addresses highly appreciated by many customers for its product quality and project consulting and installation services.

Huu Tin store in Cho Moi district, An Giang province
Huu Tin store in Cho Moi district, An Giang province

Why should you choose Huu Tin Store?

Huu Tin store is a place specializing in providing decorative materials, wooden ceiling and wooden wall making services in Cho Moi district, An Giang province. The highlight is that the material lines here are all imported from warehouses and reputable suppliers in the market.

Huu Tin is a Kosmos agent in An Giang province
Huu Tin is a Kosmos agent in An Giang province

Products at Huu Tin are highly valued by customers because of their variety of designs, outstanding quality and affordable prices. At the same time, with professional construction services and a team of experienced staff, the store has helped users have genuine experiences with luxurious and classy projects.

If you are in need of renovating your living space, come to Huu Tin plastic wood store to choose beautiful, durable materials to create the perfect living and working space.

Contact information:
  • Address: Nhon An Hamlet, Nhon My Commune, Cho Moi District, An Giang Province
  • Phone: +0938 466 673 XNUMX

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What does Huu Tin store sell?

Huu Tin store specializes in providing many products such as: Plastic wood, wooden floors, plastic panels, molding, wooden ceilings, wooden walls, etc. Below is detailed information about these products.

Plastic wood

Plastic wood is a decorative material specialized for exterior spaces, perfectly combined with wood powder, plastic powder and some additives. Huu Tin plastic wood store has brought to An Giang people a variety of plastic wood products such as: outdoor flooring, plastic wood wall and ceiling panels, plastic wood slats, Pergola pillars, plastic wood grills,...

Plastic wood materials produce many different product lines using extrusion technology
Plastic wood materials produce many different product lines using extrusion technology

Not only diverse in design, plastic wood is also highly appreciated and applied in many outdoor items because of the following 7 outstanding advantages:

  • Durable
  • Waterproof and waterproof effectively
  • Fire brake, safe to use
  • Long maintenance cycle, low cost
  • Good price
  • Good scratch and impact resistance
  • Environmental friendliness

Plastic wood at Huu Tin currently has many lines for customers to choose from, including: HDPE plastic wood, Polymer-coated HDPE plastic wood, ASA-coated PVC plastic wood.

HDPE plastic wood

This plastic wood line is made up of 60% wood pulp, 30% HDPE plastic powder and 10% additives including antioxidants, mold inhibitors,...

Structure of HDPE plastic wood
Structure of HDPE plastic wood

Polymer coated HDPE plastic wood

Polymer-coated HDPE plastic wood (2-skin plastic wood) is plastic wood upgraded from HDPE plastic wood. In addition to structural components such as HDPE plastic wood, the product is also equipped with a Polymer surface coating. This coating contributes to improving scratch resistance, limiting abrasion or fading of the material.

Structure of Polymer-coated HDPE plastic wood
Structure of Polymer-coated HDPE plastic wood

ASA-coated PVC plastic wood

This is a plastic wood line made of 60% PVC powder, 20% wood powder, 10% additives and 10% ASA coating. With a higher ratio of PVC than wood pulp, the product is light in weight and less expandable. The ASA coating is 0.2-0.3mm thick, meeting the needs of durability, good weather resistance and outstanding crack resistance.

Structure of ASA-coated PVC plastic wood
Structure of ASA-coated PVC plastic wood
Kosmos warehouse distributes ASA-coated PVC wood in a variety of designs
Kosmos warehouse distributes ASA-coated PVC wood in a variety of designs

Laminate Flooring

Talking about wooden floors at Huu Tin store, we cannot help but mention famous laminate flooring brands such as: Robina, Egger,...

Robina Floor

Robina wooden flooring is one of the popular flooring lines at Huu Tin store. Robina flooring is imported directly from Malaysia and has a termite warranty is 15 years, quality warranty from 15 years for 8mm floors and 25 years for 12mm floors. In particular, the Robina Aqua line also comes with a waterproof warranty 10 day.

Egger floor

Egger is also one of the highly appreciated wooden flooring brands in Huu Tin. Floors manufactured in Germany are a brand from Egger Group with a more developed history is 50 years. This is currently the only European wood flooring line with a representative office in Vietnam. Egger wooden floors have a 20-year quality warranty, and the Egger Aqua line has an additional flood warranty policy for 1000 hours.

Plastic Panels

Popular plastic panel lines at Huu Tin store are: stone-grained PVC, Nano panels, Korean fluted panels, etc. This material is mainly composed of plastic so it is absolutely waterproof and termite resistant. 99,9% and simulate the natural beauty of traditional materials such as wood, natural stone, etc.

Stone grain PVC

Stone-grained PVC is a recently emerging line of interior wall and ceiling panels. This material has main ingredients from PVC plastic and stone powder, is environmentally friendly and safe for users' health.

Applying modern technology in the production process, the panel surface is printed with high technology, truly simulating the beauty of natural stone, marble, etc. With specifications of 1220 x 2440mm (wide). x length), thickness from 2.8 - 3mm and light weight, customers can easily install the panels in many large locations.

Large format stone grain PVC panels are easy to install on large surfaces
Large format stone grain PVC panels are easy to install on large surfaces

Nano Panels

Nano panels at Huu Tin store have two popular thicknesses: 2mm and 8mm with a variety of designs from imitation wood to unique imitation stone. This product is a suitable choice for interior decoration purposes, without the need to use real materials, saving costs while still enhancing the aesthetics of the space.

Because they are imported from Kosmos warehouse, the panel lines here are always guaranteed quality. Typically, Nano panels have achieved quality certification by Quatest 3 center.

Korean Style PS Fluted Panel

Korean corrugated iron is a wall and ceiling cladding material with main components from PS plastic that is light in weight and easy to install. This line of cladding is termite resistant 99.9%, moisture resistant and water resistant 100%, completely suitable for Vietnam's climate conditions. For that reason, this is one of the outstanding products at Huu Tin that many customers choose when they need to decorate their interior space.

Sigh only

This is an interior decoration accessory that comes with wall and ceiling panels with the purpose of creating space highlights, connecting and covering gaps between panels. Outstanding molding lines at Huu Tin include: wood grain molding, white molding, pattern molding, yellow molding.

Wood grain molding

White thread

Patterned cornices

Gold thread

Wooden ceiling, wooden walls

Huu Tin store also provides a variety of wooden ceilings and wooden walls from natural wood and good quality industrial wood. Customers can completely trust because Huu Tin has an experienced construction team, promising to bring users sustainable projects.

Customer satisfaction is always the top goal that Huu Tin store always aims for. Huu Tin is always ready to support, answer all questions and advise and recommend suitable materials to customers. Please contact us immediately Huu Tin by phone number +0938 466 673 XNUMX To receive detailed information about materials here!

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