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6 Ways to choose the most suitable laminate flooring

With 6 criteria that Kosmos offers will help customers choose quality, reputable laminate flooring that suits each person's needs to avoid "losing money".

Choose flooring designs according to architectural style

Laminate flooring The most suitable is a wooden floor with a design that matches the architectural style. Flooring materials play a very important role in shaping the style of the house. If you like luxury and splendor, polished wood floors are the right choice. If you like the rustic, the rough wooden floor will be the optimal choice.

Choosing the right wooden floor
Choosing the right wooden floor

Besides, the color of laminate flooring also contributes to shaping the style of the house. How to choose the right laminate flooring color as follows:

  • Light colored laminate flooring (yellowish white, light orange yellow, ...) suitable for apartments in a youthful and bright style.
  • Dark colored laminate flooring (dark yellow, dark brown,…) brings a sense of nobility. This is the color of the wooden floor for a European style apartment.
  • Neutral color laminate flooring (gray, gray, cream,…) brings elegance. This type of floor acts as a background for interior items.

Choose the thickness of laminate flooring according to the project

Thickness is a factor that needs to be determined before going to a wood flooring store. This material is available in 2 common thicknesses, 8mm and 12mm. First, you must choose the thickness of the wooden floor so that the door does not collide with the floor after installation. Next, you will have to consider the bearing capacity of the floor. Remember, the thicker the floor, the higher the bearing capacity.

Silk chooses thick wooden floor furniture to suit your needs
Silk chooses thick wooden floor furniture to suit your needs

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  • 12mm laminate flooring: Suitable for floor mounting on the skeleton or locations with high density and high traffic.
  • 8mm laminate flooring: Suitable for installation in places with little movement such as bedrooms and locations with low external forces such as walls and ceilings.

Choose laminate flooring with an AC4 index or higher

The flooring material must have an anti-scratch factor. The floor is the place that suffers the most friction, so it is easy to scratch. The index showing the scratch resistance of laminate flooring is AC. You should choose a floor with an AC4 index to preserve long-term beauty. With the AC4 index, you can install the floor in places with frequent traffic such as clothing stores, restaurants, hotels, company aisles, etc.

Should choose waterproof laminate flooring

One of the factors to consider when choosing a wood flooring material is water resistance. Wood planks affected by water will swell, destroying the general structure of the floor. The way to choose water-resistant laminate flooring is to see the compression of the board. The tighter the floor is compacted, the higher the water resistance. Water-resistant laminate flooring is usually imported from Germany.

Should choose a wood floor with good water resistance in the area likely to come in contact with water
Should choose a wood floor with good water resistance in the area likely to come in contact with water

Egger Aqua Wood Flooring 1000 hours water resistant. The water-resistant feature of this German imported laminate flooring comes from the exclusive Aqua technology. We can easily see that the wood core of the floor is compressed extremely tightly, it is difficult for water to penetrate. This type of floor is suitable for homes with children because they often wet the floor and we have to clean it with a damp cloth often.

Must choose termite resistant laminate flooring

Laminate floors cannot avoid termites. To prevent termites from easily destroying the floorboards, the wooden core of the board must have high hardness. Anti-termite laminate flooring and guaranteed termite warranty are mostly imported from Malaysia. This country has extremely strong input wood core materials.

Thanks to the hard wood core Robina laminate flooring (Made in Malaysia) 15 year termite warranty. In addition, Egger Aqua 12mm wooden floor has a tightly compressed wood core with exclusive technology that can permanently prevent termites. Both types of termite-resistant wooden floors are distributed by Kosmos Vietnam warehouse.

Anti-termite Robina laminate flooring
Robina wood floors are exceptionally termite resistant

Selecting laminate flooring with E1 . index

To form laminate flooring, manufacturers have to add a little binder and additives to the wood pulp and then press it hard. Therefore, flooring emits a certain amount of toxic formaldehyde gas. The index indicates that the concentration of Formaldehyde emission on the floor is E. Currently, laminate flooring that is safe for health has reached the E1 index.

The development of technology makes the flooring production formula more and more diverse. Egger Group - German wood flooring manufacturing company Egger has a way to completely remove 100% PVC (adhesive) from the wood core. Since then, the floor has an extremely low concentration of toxic gas emissions. Not only that, the amount of CO2 emitted from the factory into the environment has been restrained by Egger Group, contributing to protecting the living environment.

Generally speaking, 6 ways to choose laminate flooring have been communicated will help you find wooden floors that are water-resistant, termite-proof, scratch-resistant, safe for health and have the right thickness and design for the project. Kosmos Vietnam wood floor warehouse provides many types of flooring for you to choose from. Immediately contact the Hotline number (+84) 903.093.221 for advice as an agent!

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