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Egger Aqua laminate flooring - German imported water-resistant laminate flooring

Egger Aqua laminate flooring is a water-resistant laminate flooring Made in Germany. The floor is fully equipped with water resistance from the wood core to the surface and the lock. To feel the special features of the product, please refer to the detailed information below.

What is Egger Aqua laminate flooring?

Egger Aqua laminate flooring is laminate flooring specializes in water resistance from the brand Egger (Germany). The word Plus or the "+" character is placed after the name Egger Aqua to indicate "this is an upgraded version of the Egger Classic floor". The quality features of Egger Classic are fully inherited by this version, including:

Egger Aqua laminate flooring is water resistant
Egger Aqua laminate flooring is water resistant
  • Scratch resistant – AC4 level.
  • High usage – Class 32.
  • Impact resistance – IC2 level.
  • Ignition – level B1
  • Soundproof floor - anti-noise.
  • Owning a 4V hammock.
  • Safe for the environment and user health.

In addition, the floor is also integrated with exclusive advanced technology. Modern technology not only makes Egger Aqua Plus waterproof but also avoids termite infestation.

Egger Aqua Plus withstands water for 1000 hours

You're right, Egger Aqua Plus can withstand being submerged for 1000 hours (nearly 2 months). Before, laminate flooring soaked in water Too long and it will be damaged and will have to be replaced. Now, we only need to let the floor dry for 5 days before we can continue using it, so surprising, right? The secret lies in our exclusive technology Eggers Group!

Egger Aqua floor is water resistant up to 1000h
Egger Aqua floor is water resistant up to 1000h

Egger Aqua wood core production technology is absolutely confidential internally. The technology is a secret, but experts can see that the wood core of the floor is much more compact than the Classic type. The higher the compression, the better the water resistance. In addition, the Egger Aqua+ also features a 72-hour surface water lock recognized by Nalfa.

Egger Aqua+ resists the ravages of termites

The anti-termite feature of Egger Aqua+ was tested by Kosmos Vietnam (the exclusive representative of Egger laminate flooring in the Vietnamese market) and received unexpected successful results. Since then, Kosmos decided to issue a permanent termite warranty policy for this product in Vietnam.

German laminate flooring color codes Egger Aqua are available in VN

German Egger parquethaving a variety of models is not a baseless rumor. Egger laminate flooring manufacturing company (Egger Group) is constantly improving designs for customers to have more choices. Every 2 years, a new collection of Egger laminate flooring is born. Egger Pro Flooring Collection 2021+ is highly appreciated by users.


The Egger wood flooring collection circulating on the Vietnamese market is carefully selected by Kosmos Vietnam, extremely suitable for Vietnamese tastes. This collection has up to 4 styles including: Pure Nature, Light Urban, Future Retro and Perfect Imperfection.

Egger Aqua floor model with Pure Nature style

In Vietnam, most of the samples in the Egger laminate flooring collection belong to the Pure Nature style (pure rustic style). This style completely brings nature into the interior space. Egger Aqua wooden floor models of Pure Nature style include: EPL067, EPL075, EPL208, EPL174, EPL179, EPL180. Similar to this classic wood style, there are codes: EPL101, EPL165.


Egger Aqua floor model with Light Urban style

Creeping into this Egger laminate flooring collection are two floor models with codes EPL080, EPL178. The floor is designed to remove the rustic and is dyed with a modern color from the city. The designer named the style of these two floors as Light Urban. Egger Aqua+ laminate flooring with Light Urban style is suitable for spaces with modern design.


Future Retro style Egger Aqua floor

The Future Retro style inspired by the Nordic airspace is also quite popular. The floor model with code EPL018 of Future Retro style was honored in the Egger Aqua 2021+ laminate flooring collection in Vietnam. The style is nostalgic, but it is that nostalgia that is the highlight in the eyes of the user.

Egger Aqua floor model with Perfect Imperfection style

In this collection of Egger Aqua 2021+, there is the presence of code EPL036, laminate flooring with Perfect Imperfection style. EPL036 does not bring the simple feeling like other wooden floor covers. Instead, the floor carries on its own artistry, creativity and personality. Perfect Imperfection is a style that contains many unique flooring patterns.

Egger Aqua laminate flooring price.

Egger Aqua is a line of high-class laminate flooring imported directly from Germany. In Vietnam, Egger Aqua laminate flooring is exclusively distributed by Kosmos through agents to reach consumers. The price offered by Kosmos is the officially listed price. Note:

  • Unit price includes silver foam but does not include 10% VAT
  • Cost includes installation labor
  • Support shipping with orders >= 50m2 in inner city. Ho Chi Minh


Product code Specification (mm) Unit price 
Egger Aqua+ 8mm

EPL067, EPL075, EPL080, EPL208, EPL174, EPL178, EPL179, EPL180


8 bars/box

1.0048 m2/box

Egger Aqua+ 12mm

EPL018, EPL036, EPL101, EPL165, EPL174


6 bars/box

1.4961 m2/box

In summary, Egger Aqua laminate flooring is a high-grade imported German laminate flooring, specialized for areas that need high water resistance. In addition to the 1000-hour flood warranty and the termite's permanent warranty, the manufacturer's faults are covered warranty 20 years for 8mm floor and 25 years for 12mm floor. Egger Aqua Plus floor promises to fully meet all your expectations.

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