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Egger Group – Egger laminate flooring manufacturing company

Egger Group is a company specializing in manufacturing prestigious wood products in the world. In particular, Egger Group is famous for Egger laminate flooring – Wood floors are water-resistant up to 1.000 hours.

Since 2016, Kosmos Vietnam and Egger Group have signed a strategic cooperation agreement, marking sustainable cooperation, bringing benefits to both parties and Vietnamese consumers. To understand more about the cradle of high-quality German wood flooring production like Egger, please read the article below.

Kosmos is Egger's strategic partner in the Vietnamese market
Kosmos is Egger's strategic partner in the Vietnamese market

Who is Egger Group?

Egger Group (Eger wooden flooring manufacturing company, Egger Group) is a company specializing in manufacturing products from wood. In 1961 the company was founded as a chipboard factory located on Johann Street in the Tirol region of Austria. Up to now, the Egger factory has owned advanced, exclusive technologies, leading the new era trends. Egger scale expands to 20 factories in many territories around the world. At the same time, Egger company owns 26 representative offices in all countries. Especially in Vietnam, Egger Group representative office is located on the 16th floor of Saigon building - 29 Le Duan, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh.

Egger Group has a representative office in Vietnam
Egger Group has a representative office in Vietnam

What are the core values ​​of Egger Group?

Egger Group focuses on human factors, so its products always focus on sustainability, environmental friendliness and absolute safety for users. In addition, Egger always emphasizes creativity in design. Every 3 years they will change the collection to better suit consumer tastes.

In addition, Egger's core values ​​are also expressed through strategic direction from the group's leadership including: Ulrich Buhler, Thomas Leising and Walter Schiegl.

  • Mr. Walter Schiegl, production and technology manager said: "The most important point that Egger Group focuses on is the durability and compatibility of the product with the environment". This view is taken into account both on the raw materials and on the production process of the Egger product.
  • Mr. Ulrich Buhler, sales and marketing manager “Egger Group’s reputation has been recognized as a dynamic and innovative company for many years in the industry.” That's because the company follows the trend of the new era, developing new innovative materials instead of producing basic products like the original.
  • Mr. Thomas Leissing, group manager of finance, administration, logistics, and spokesperson for Egger Group “The integration of partners is very important,” said. The Egger Company is built on long-term relationships with both suppliers and customers.
Egger wooden floor factory prioritizes environmental protection
Egger wooden floor factory prioritizes environmental protection

In general, Egger company is not simply manufacturing products but is creating solutions to make customers' lives more comfortable.


What is Egger's main product?

Egger Group's main product is Egger laminate flooring. The product possesses the Unifit smart lock system, currently the lock has been improved to the Clic It! line. Egger claims the fit between floorboards after assembly is 99%. Particularly, the wort locks the line Egger Aqua+ Capable of locking surface water for 72 hours.

Some lines of Egger wood floors also have built-in surface antibacterial features, which few industrial floors can do.

Egger wooden floor production technology is extremely modern
Egger wooden floor production technology is extremely modern

In particular, the Egger industrial wood flooring brand owns UWF wood core (Ultra Wood Fiber Board) - the exclusive wood core of the Egger Design flooring line. UWF is water resistant thanks to Dual Seal technology and waterproof TPU surface coating. Not only that, Egger Design laminate flooring also has Self Repair surface healing technology, helping the floor surface to recover intact after external impact.

Egger focuses on absolutely protecting the living environment thanks to its closed production circle. The Egger factory captures a large amount of CO2 that is not emitted into the environment when producing each square meter of flooring. Nothing is superfluous, Egger takes waste products to research to recycle them into a useful renewable energy source.


Development history of Egger Group

Year Events
1961 Egger Group was formed.
1966 Egger Group takes over the fiberboard machinery in Worgl, Austria.
1970 The company operates a chipboard plant in Unterradlberg, Austria.
1984 The company took over and built a chipboard factory in Hexham, England.
1989 Egger takes over laminate production in Gifhorn, Germany.
1990 Egger Group builds and operates a particleboard factory in Brilon, Germany.
1994 The company conducts two parallel activities:

  • Took over a wooden furniture components factory in Bunde, Germany.
  • Operating a chipboard factory in Rion des Landes, France.
1995 Egger Group takes over the MDF (low-density fiberboard) factory in Bevern, Germany.
1998 Egger operates another chipboard factory in the UK, located in Barony.
1999 In Germany, the Egger Group operates a European-standard mill in Wismar, while also taking over a rolling mill in the Marienmunster region.
2000 They took over the chipboard factory in Rambervillers, France.
2002 Egger Group rebuilds chipboard factory in Unterradlberg. It was the factory in Austria that they had operated in 1970, now the company decided to expand the scale to a new level.
2005 Egger entered Russia by operating a chipboard factory in Shuya.
2006 Egger Group launched the EUROLIGHT lightweight wood plank product line in Australia. At the same time, a product line of wooden boards using DPR direct printing technology was launched in the Federal Republic of Germany.
2007 Egger decided to expand the production capacity of their factory in the Gifhorn region (Germany) by investing in a new rolling mill and upgrading the factory in Hexham (UK) to keep up with modern technology.
2008 Egger Group started manufacturing chipboard products in the Radauti region, in the territory of Romania, in Southeast Europe. The company also operated its first sawmill in Brilon (Germany) in the same year.
2009 It can be said that the issue of environmental protection has always been highly appreciated by the Egger Group, they completed their energy and environment project in Johann (Australia) within the year.

Egger decided to upgrade the technology to add modernity to the factory located in Rion Des Landes (France) at the same time.

2010 The company operates digital printing lines in Germany, specifically at Brilon. During the year, they built their own administrative building in Romania and started construction of a plastic factory in the Radauti region, and an OSB (oriented strand board) factory in the same territory. They also took over the Roma Plastik plastic edging factory in Türkiye.
2011 Summary of the year Egger Group achieved, including:

  • Owns Resin factory and OSB factory (Radauti region, Romania).
  • The company acquired and integrated a chipboard factory (Gagarin, Russia).
  • Expanded production of Roma Plastik edging (Türkiye) and laminate in Shuya (Russia).
  • Egger built a biomass plant, a plant-based raw material factory in Radauti (Romania).
  • Started construction of a plastic factory in the UK (Hexham area) around the same time.
  • Expanding the factory in the Rambervillers area, in the French airspace.
  • In particular, this year a New short-cycle press for refining wood-based finishes was introduced at the Hexham UK factory.
2013 Egger built a building as a forum for academic exchange in Brilon (Germany) and inaugurated the new composition of its products in Bunde (Germany).
2014 Egger Group operates new short cycle presses in Johann (Australia), Brilon (Germany) and Gagarin (Russia).
2015 The company built a new headquarters and high-end warehouse in Johann (Australia).
2016 They decided to expand the Gagarin factory in Russia with a production facility for wooden boards and MDF.
2017 Egger Group owns its first factory outside of Europe by taking over the Concordia factory in the country of Mexico.
2018 Egger Group started construction of its first subsidiary (Green-Field Investment: a form of foreign direct investment) outside of Europe in Lexington, NC (USA).
2019 The company Egger operates a chipboard factory in Biskupiec (Polish territory).
2020 The company started to put the particle board factory in Lexington, NC (USA) into operation.
Egger wooden floors have an admirable history of formation and development
Egger wooden floors have an admirable history of formation and development

Who is Egger's strategic partner in Vietnam?

In 2016, Kosmos was honored to be selected by Egger Group as a strategic partner in the Vietnamese market. This is a major turning point, marking Egger Group's recognition of Kosmos' capacity and reputation in the field of decorative materials distribution.

Egger Group chooses Kosmos as a strategic partner in Vietnam laminate flooring market
Egger Group chooses Kosmos as a strategic partner in Vietnam laminate flooring market
Mr. Attila Dragomer (Sales South-East Asia & Australasia of Egger Group) and Mr. Tran Quang Hoi (CEO of Kosmos Vietnam Joint Stock Company)
Mr. Attila Dragomer (Sales South-East Asia & Australasia of Egger Group) and Mr. Tran Quang Hoi (CEO of Kosmos Vietnam Joint Stock Company)

After many years of cooperation, Kosmos constantly strives to affirm its position as the exclusive distributor of Egger wooden floors in Vietnam. The warehouse is always committed to providing customers with high-end laminate flooring lines of outstanding quality, contributing to creating luxurious and classy living spaces.

Not only building a strong cooperative relationship in business, Kosmos and Egger also have exchange activities and regular visits between the two sides.

Egger Group visited the Kosmos Vietnam office in early 2024. The visit took place in a cordial, open and cooperative atmosphere. Representatives of Kosmos and Egger regularly exchange information, share experiences during operations and discuss new cooperation strategies.

In addition, the visits also help strengthen the relationship between the two companies. This factor creates trust and cohesion, helping the cooperative relationship become stronger, bringing customers the best products and services. In addition, Kosmos Vietnam also visited the Egger factory in Germany.

Kosmos Vietnam visited Egger Group
Kosmos Vietnam visited Egger Group

The history of formation and development of Egger wood flooring extremely admirable. Enough to see that the vision and strategy of extremely effective leaders has led the company to its current success. Proud to be the exclusive distributor of Egger wooden flooring products in Vietnam, Kosmos Committed to bringing high quality laminate flooring to users.

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