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Top 3 best wood grain plastic flooring brands in 2024

Wood grain plastic flooring has long been a very popular flooring material used in our country. Thanks to its outstanding features, aesthetics similar to real wood grain, and long lifespan, it has won the trust of many customers. Join us to learn more about this product and the top 3 high-quality wood grain plastic flooring brands on the market.


Structure of wood grain plastic floor

Wood grain vinyl flooring is also known as wood plastic floor, imitation wood floor coverings,... This type of floor covering has been present in Vietnam for many years and has become extremely popular for residential projects, offices, apartments, apartments, etc. No need to spend. High cost such as natural wood flooring or laminate flooring, low cost plastic flooring is a great choice for users while still ensuring standard quality.

Wood plastic flooring is widely used
Wood plastic flooring is widely used

Plastic floor structure consists of 5 layers:

  • Surface UV coating: This UV layer is coated on the surface of the plastic sheet, which has the effect of increasing aesthetic gloss, anti-scratch, effectively preventing dirt.
  • Nano coating: Anti-water, anti-slip effect, reduce abrasion, prevent mold, ...
  • Wood grain film layer: The texture layer determines the wood grain color of the plastic floor.
  • Plastic core layer: This is the main layer of the floor plastic sheet, having a large thickness that determines the life of the floor.
  • Base layer: Plays a role in helping to fix the floor, increasing pressure resistance and reducing water evaporation onto the floor from below.
  • Pre-adhesive layer: This layer is only available on pre-glued plastic floors.
Structure of SPC locking plastic floor
Wood plastic flooring is widely used

Top 3 best wood grain vinyl flooring brands today

The variety of plastic flooring types gives customers more products at different prices to choose from. However, this unintentionally creates confusion for many customers who do not have a clear understanding of the product. Here are 3 perfect quality Vietnamese brand plastic flooring products for your reference:

Galamax LVT . vinyl flooring

Galamax LVT - Luxury Vinyl Tiles is the name of the plastic floor and its specialized glue. This is one of the popular glued plastic flooring product lines in Vietnam. Galamax LVT vinyl flooring has full features of anti-scratch, waterproof, anti-termite, good bearing, ... ensuring safety and convenience when using. Products are warranted for 1 year.

Galamax SPC wood plastic floor

This is a high-quality Vietnamese-brand fake wood-lock plastic floor. Galamax SPC stands for Stone Plastic Composite, composed of plastic powder and stone powder. Thanks to that, this product has a firmer hardness than glued plastic flooring. Designed to be thicker than LVT glued flooring and look similar to industrial wood floors when equipped with a 2-side locking system. This line of Galamax SPC vinyl flooring is also guaranteed for 3 years.

Brand of laminate flooring with lock Galamax SPC
Brand of laminate flooring with lock Galamax SPC

In 2021, capturing the new trend of the market, the manufacturer has launched the Galamax SPC imitation stone plastic flooring line. Because of this, the Galamax SPC brand has become increasingly popular and its annual sales volume is always in the TOP.

Kosmos SPC . Laminate Flooring

Kosmos parquet floor with SPC lock a brand that is no longer strange to Vietnamese users. This product is similar to Galamax SPC, made from plastic powder, stone powder and equipped with a sturdy locking system. This is considered a convenient flooring solution, replacing laminate flooring with many items that are frequently exposed to water and termites without worrying about damage. In particular, this product is designed with wood grain patterns following the trendiest trends, easily coordinating with interior design styles in Vietnam today. The warranty period of this product is 3 years.

Kosmos SPC lock vinyl flooring brand
Kosmos SPC lock vinyl flooring brand

Should I use laminate flooring?

It is no coincidence that laminate flooring has become extremely popular today. Thanks to the outstanding features of the product, this is the perfect choice for many items such as apartments, offices, shops, etc. Specifically:

  • High-grade UV-coated floor surface helps prevent slipping when moving, safe for users.
  • Glued plastic floors have very little expansion, ensuring no warping or deformation.
  • Laminate flooring has good elasticity, withstands high pressure, so when it is impacted by heavy objects, it can return to its original shape.
  • The waterproof feature of the plastic floor is almost absolute, suitable for the hot and humid tropical climate in Vietnam.
  • The product is soundproof thanks to its ability to absorb sound.
  • Good insulation, perfect surface fire resistance.
  • Has a modern design that is easy to install for plastic floors with fake wood locks.
  • Long service life of more than 10 years when properly cleaned and maintained.

Thus, the article has shared about the top 3 best wood grain vinyl flooring brands today. Hope this article is useful for you to read. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us at Fanpage Kosmos Vietnam or Hotline: (+84) 903 093 221

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